Top 20: Fit and Most Athletic Pornstars of 2020

If you are a regular at the gym and you are working to get your body ripped, then you’d also get turned on by a girl who’s got an athletic figure as well. Since health and fitness is something that a lot of people focus on nowadays, you will find a ton of hot girls in tight yoga pants sweating it out in the gym to get their dream body. But if we move on from the real world to a world that exclusively caters to your fantasies, namely the porn industry, then you are going to discover that there are a ton of athletic pornstars active at the moment that you’ll find quite alluring!

The porn industry is filled with the hottest babes in the world and they all are unique in their own rights. You can find BBW pornstars and curvy women, petite as well as skinny girls and you can also find fit, athletic and ripped women if you look hard enough. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to spend a lot of time in researching about the fit pornstars because I have already taken care of the hard part for you and compiled a list of the best ones below. If you love a girl who spend a ton of time in the gym in order to sculpt their bodies to perfection, only to take their clothes off once they are on screen and get fucked hardcore, then you are going to love my list. So, let’s get started without wasting any more time!

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The Most Athletic Pornstars of 2020

20. Gia Dimarco

gia dimarco

Gia Dimarco was blessed with a gorgeous body but she took it a step further and started working out and the result was the 10/10 figure that you see today! The mature performer rocks a perfect body with stunning fake tits and a tight yet juicy butt, and all these assets of hers make her a truly irresistible package. And if you look past her physical attributes and focus on her skills, then she doesn’t disappoint there either. It doesn’t matter if she’s working with young pornstars or old and men or women, you’ll always see her enjoy every moment of the sex because she’s a slut and absolutely proud of it!

19. Kendra Lust

kendra lust

There’s no way I wouldn’t include Kendra Lust in my list of the fittest pornstars of the year! Born in Michigan, this dark-eyed MILF has proven again and again just how much she enjoys having sex. She’s blessed with good looks and she doesn’t take them for granted as she regularly hits the gym to keep her body as tight as possible and the result is clearly visible. As soon as her clothes are off, you can see her flat stomach, her toned legs and her big butt which is the result of all the squats she’s performed. Plus, she’s got huge fake tits that compliment her athletic body perfectly and they don’t look odd at all. So, if you are into athletic pornstars, then you definitely need to check out this brunette bombshell!

18. Sarah Banks

sarah banks

There’s no doubt in my mind that Sarah Banks is one of the sluttiest babes in porn, and if she decides to do porn for her whole life, she would easily get her name in the porn hall of fame! The starlet not only looks stunning but is also really skilled when it comes to sucking on cocks and sticking them deep down her throat, and she has even earned the title of anal queen as she loves stretching her tight buttcheeks to devour the thickest of dicks with ease. And, she’s built to perfection making her one of the fittest pornstars you’d want to see right now!

17. Esperanza Gomez

esperanza gomez

It’s not really a stretch to say that Esperanza Gomez is one of the most popular Latina pornstars of all time as she’s proven time and again why she deserves that title! With smoking hot looks and a banging body, she has managed to stay popular even after retiring from porn. She loves to workout just as much as she loves getting fucked by big dicks and it shows as she’s got a tight and ripped body. Not only does she have amazing abs, but her shoulders and her legs are also well-defined and it’s a real turn on for guys who love a fit body. Being one of the tallest pornstars in the industry, it takes a real man with a huge dick to satisfy her carnal cravings or else she will end up completely dominating a scene if paired with a scrawny teenager!

16. Alix Lynx

alix lynx

You know that there are certain girls that you simply can’t help but feel attracted to and you can’t really explain in words why that is so! For me, it would be Alix Lynx and I don’t really know how to explain my attraction. She’s gorgeous, no doubt, and she’s also got a pretty hot figure with an amazing ass but it’s her tits that look weird and yet, I really love them on her body because they draw your attention immediately. I fantasize about her a lot and watch her porn videos all the time as well. I can safely say that it’s her athletic figure, along with her firm boobs and a tight ass, that gives her the sexual aura that makes people like me fall for her. Plus, the blonde pornstar looks stunning while writhing in pain and pleasure when she’s got a big dick pounding deep within her pussy!

15. Reislin


I am not sure you’d know her by name, but I am sure that you must have watched her porn videos quite often because Reislin is one of the top Pornhub pornstars at the moment! The stunning starlet shoots amateur porn of really high quality with her partner and releases it on her own channel, but it seems that she has now started working with several porn studios as well as you can watch her videos on Brazzers Network as well as Team Skeet. And I am hoping to watch this fit pornstar releasing new content more often so that I can watch that tight little pussy of hers getting fucked every day!

14. Sandee Westgate

sandee westgate

Sandee Westgate is someone you can only be with in your dreams because she’s just way too perfect for regular people like us! She’s got everything going on for her, from head to toe, as she’s got a gorgeous face, an amazing figure with amazing breasts, a round and juicy ass and thick thighs. She works out regularly and consumes a healthy diet to stay in shape but she doesn’t completely avoid desserts and rich foods in order to keep her curves popping and not become absolutely petite. And that’s exactly what I really like about her, her curvy yet athletic figure that puts most of the pornstars to shame!

13. Jewels Jade

jewels jade

This gorgeous MILF pornstar is both stacked and ripped and is capable of making men, and women, overcome with pleasure in just a few minutes. Jewels Jade has been in the industry for a long time and knows exactly what it takes to deliver a super hot scene that all her fans would appreciate. She’s got great blowjob skills and she loves taking huge dicks deep within her pussy and her ass, and also loves getting double penetrated. With a ripped yet curvy figure, huge fake tits and tight, round buttocks along with multiple tattoos at different parts of her body, this legendary pornstar is always a treat to watch and you’re wasting a lot of time if you are not seeing this busty MILF getting fucked on screen!

12. Abigail Mac

abigail mac

Abigail Mac has been in the porn industry for quite some time now and has released a ton of content by working with the top studios. From her soft, supple lips to her long and slender legs, she’s a complete package. She’s got an incredible body that she maintains with regular workouts and her well-toned butt is the result of thousands of squats she performs regularly. She is also one of the most active starlets right now as she not only works with the top porn studios in the industry, but also finds time to put on live shows for her fans and share nudes on Snapchat to let everyone know what she’s been up to in her free time!

11. Kenzie Reeves

kenzie reeves

I was a bit unclear if I should consider Kenzie Reeves as one of the athletic pornstars or not because she’s been blessed with a naturally petite figure, which many might not consider athletic. However, I decided to include her here because she does have a gorgeous body with a flat stomach and visible abs. And this starlet is a total freak as you’ll see her deepthroating huge cocks to lubricate them enough with her saliva before getting on all her fours and spreading her cheeks to get her tight little asshole pounded mercilessly. Also, her tits and her ass are also perfect and complement her petite body quite well!

10. Brandi Love

brandi love

Brandi Love has been the epitome of MILF pornstars in the industry for a long time and also one of the few girls who take their health very seriously. Being a lifelong dancer and skater, this blonde babe is quite flexible and athletic and it shows in her scenes as she’s able to take a rough pounding in a number of different positions. She’s got a gorgeous face, a slim figure with washboard abs, one of the best pair of fake tits in the industry, and an insatiable hunger for sex that makes her scout out younger talents for a rough pounding. Not only does she enjoys fucking a young dude, she also loves tasting young girls which has made her one of the best lesbian performers in the industry!

9. Diamond Jackson

diamond jackson

There are quite a few black pornstars in the industry, and almost all of them are fucking hot, but none of them can hold a candle to the all-time great, Diamond Jackson! Her dominating posture, her toned physique and her fierce eyes has helped her completely overshadow her co-stars in all her scenes which is the reason why she’s at the top of her game even after being in the industry for almost a decade. She’s got great tits, an athletic figure, a round bubble butt and being a mature babe, she gets paired with younger talents all the time where she shows them just what it takes to satisfy her carnal cravings.

8. Janet Mason

janet mason

Almost all of us have, at some point of time, fantasized about being with an older woman because it’s really hot to be with a person with experienced who can show you the ins and outs of a good fucking. For me, Janet Mason is the embodiment of that fantasy! This super hot MILF has been in the industry for a long time and she really loves to fuck because when she’s not fucking on camera, she’s enjoying the swinging lifestyle. The redhead pornstar has a lot of definitive features like her seductive face, her huge fake tits, her athletic body, a big ass and when you combine all of that, you get a pornstar of her caliber that doesn’t get satisfied until she receives a rough and merciless pounding!

7. Blanche Bradburry

blanche bradburry

I am sure I have said it before that Blanche Bradburry is one of the most underrated pornstars in the industry, and I am not sure what the reason behind that is. May be the blonde beauty is just working as a pornstar to satisfy her carnal desires because she’s not as active as we’d like to see. Whatever the reason be, she definitely is one of the most athletic pornstars because she’s got a great physique! She’s also a nympho who just loves having sex; and if you love girls who would rather get fucked hardcore, then go with an erotic love-making experience, then you want to watch the videos of this Czech pornstar!

6. Lexi Luna

lexi luna

I have been watching porn videos featuring Lexi Luna for quite some time now and she has only gotten better with each new release. One look at her body is enough to tell you that she’s one of the most athletic pornstars right now because she’s got a tight and petite figure with washboard abs and a big, round butt. But I am more attracted to her tits which although fake are perfectly round and well-built to suit her body type. And when this brunette pornstar starts fucking, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her no matter how many other women there are in the frame!

5. Franceska Jaimes

franceska jaimes

You might have already noticed a pattern in this article as most of the fit pornstars are mature/MILF starlets and not teenagers because teens are blessed with a petite figure and they only start to really care about their body once they pass a certain age. I haven’t seen Franceska Jaimes in her teenage years, but right now, she’s fucking hot! Not only does she enjoy having rough sex, she also pushes her boundaries by getting fucked in public places as well. Plus, she’s got one of the best ass in porn and performs a ton of anal scenes where the camera mostly focuses on her ass bouncing up and down a rock hard dick!

4. Amia Miley

amia miley

Amia Miley has been in the industry for a long time as she started off as a teen pornstar and has now transformed into a slutty vixen. She was quite cute when she made her debut, but now she’s fucking seductive and is capable of bringing men to their knees instantly. Over the years, she’s made the effort of becoming fit and it shows now as her body is as athletic as they come. Plus, she’s got fake tits, that I have mixed opinions about, and her bubble butt is quite amazing as well; so amazing that I look forward to the part of her scenes where her butt is the only thing in the frame!

3. Cory Chase

cory chase

This MILF has been hitting the gym regularly without missing even a single day and the results are quite visible. With clothes on, Cory Chase looks like just another mature babe with spectacles on who you’d want to fuck; but once the clothes are off, you’ll understand just who exactly is in control! The American pornstar is quite ripped to be honest and it may not exactly be what you are looking for but she fits the description of athletic pornstars perfectly. She’s got well-defined abs and her shoulders, thighs and her tight buttocks are testament to all the hard work she’s been putting in the gym.

2. Nicole Aniston

nicole aniston

Update: She’s got her fake boobs removed and has gone back to her original, natural size!

While I am not really a big fan of her tits, as I find them to be quite weird looking compared to other fake boobs I have seen, Nicole Aniston is still one of the most famous pornstars of all time! I love watching her porn videos because she brings in a different kind of energy in all her scenes and gives it her all whether it’s sucking on a huge cock or riding the soul out of her man. Her succulent lips look stunning when wrapped around a throbbing cock and they look even more awesome when covered in cum. And she’s quite the fitness freak as she always eats healthy, hits the gym on a regular basis and takes care of her body. You can clearly see her tight figure, her washboard abs and her stunningly crafted ass which is why it’s safe to say that she’s one of the fittest pornstars of the year!

1. Sarah Jessie

sarah jessie

If you are looking for someone who is a true definition of athletic pornstars, then Sarah Jessie fits the bill perfectly! Just look at what she’s packing underneath all those clothes and you’ll immediately start feeling uncomfortable with the growing bulge in your pants. The blonde pornstar has well-defined abs, capable of giving even the male pornstars a run for their money, and it’s also safe to say that she’s got quite a low percentage of body fat considering how ripped her body is. And she’s got multiple tattoos and an insane sexual appetite that makes her a catch for people who love to watch fit babes getting fucked hardcore!

Who Are Your Favorite Athletic Pornstars?

If you’re health-conscious and a fitness freak, then you will definitely feel aroused by women who can lift. So, there’s no way that you wouldn’t like to check out the pornstars who are ripped and athletic, which is the reason why I prepared this list.

I am sure that you will appreciate all the fit babes in porn that I mentioned in the article and you’d have no complaints about any of them. However, I also know that there might still be several athletic pornstars that I may have ignored, or overlooked, for this list and if you feel that they deserve to be featured here then let me know via the comments below. I’ll have a look at them and add them in the next update!

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