Top 15: Hottest Middle Eastern & Arab Pornstars of 2020!

Since there are girls from all over the world in the porn industry, it’s only natural that there will be several Arab pornstars as well. Over the years, a big number of girls from the Middle-Eastern countries have made their debut in porn and completely removed each piece of clothing from their body to reveal their gorgeous flesh, and I have made a list of the best ones in this article today. I am sure that you might have heard of some of these girls, and might have already watched a few videos featuring these Middle Eastern pornstars; but I am also sure that you are going to find new girls that you may not have heard of yet.

Since there aren’t as many Arab pornstars working in the industry as pornstars from other parts of the world, I didn’t limit this list to the ones that are still active. Instead, I researched for all the popular girls who have worked as a pornstar at some point of time and put together a list featuring only the best ones. So, it is true that I left out some pornstars, may be someone you really like, and didn’t mention them below and if that’s the case, then do let me know so that I can have a look at them and update the article accordingly. Meanwhile, you can go through the list of the popular pornstars from the Arab countries and watch the best porn featuring them!

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Hottest Arab Pornstars of 2020!

16. Lexi Bloom

lexi bloom

One thing you’ll notice in this list is that most of the Middle Eastern pornstars are either MILFs or mature girls, and very few were actually teenagers when they were active. So, I found it perfect to begin the list with Lexi Bloom who was very petite, seemed inexperienced but was filled with tons of raw sexual energy and was always hungry for a good fuck. This petite pornstar is unfortunately not active in the industry for quite some years now, but she did manage to do tens of videos during her career and a few of them are absolutely worth the watch. If you put aside her sexual achievements for a bit and just focus on her body, then you’ll notice that apart from her petite frame, she’s also blessed with a pretty gorgeous face along with cute, little breasts and a stunning ass. So, a combination of her gorgeous physical looks and her insatiable sexual cravings made her one of the best Arab pornstars of her time!

15. Persia Pele

persia pele

Persia Pele started performing in the adult industry back in 2008 and thanks to her intensive acting background, she brought some professional acting in the otherwise regular porn. The MILF performer may no longer be active but she has worked with the top studios in her career, including Brazzers, Vivid, NaughtyAmerica and more so you can find a ton of her videos where she is getting fucked by the best talents the industry has to offer. And since she was born in Iran, she’s got the exotic looks that makes her insanely gorgeous, and her oozing sexuality makes her one of the best Middle Eastern pornstars of all time!

14. Brooke Lee Adams

brooke lee adams

If you are looking for a pornstar who’s incredibly cute and yet loves to do hardcore videos, then Brooke Lee Adams might be the perfect girl for you! This gorgeous Persian/American beauty was active in the industry for only a few years, but those few years were very productive as she performed for some of the top studios. Apart from her performances, which were always of the best quality, she’s got an incredible figure with gorgeous curves that will immediately grab your attention. Plus, her cute looks, her perfect natural tits and her big, round ass makes her one of the best pornstars to ever grace the porn industry.

13. Amy Anderssen

amy anderssen

There are several pornstars who have got massive breasts, but they all pale in comparison to what Amy Anderssen has because they can easily be classified as a pair of some of the biggest tits in porn. Frankly speaking, she’s got a great figure and she looks stunning as well, but her insanely huge breasts are a bit of a turn-off for me. That being said, there are tons of people who love watching her porn videos and seeing her put those huge fake tits of hers to good use. I have seen several of her videos and it is pretty evident that she absolutely loves to fuck and really enjoys getting a rough pounding from a big dick. So, don’t let my opinions hold you back and check out her performances because it’s not just an accident that she is considered as one of the best Arab pornstars!

12. Layla Sin

layla sin

How wonderful would it to get assigned a hot nurse to take care of all your needs when you are injured? And what if that nurse looks just like Layla Sin? It would be a dream come true for a lot of us! The gorgeous babe was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and used to serve as a nurse for the Israeli army before she moved to the United States of America. And thanks to her amazingly petite figure with all-natural curves, gorgeous breasts, a round ass and her jaw-dropping features, she soon started getting modeling gigs. That’s not all as the brunette pornstar slowly started doing nude shoots because she felt comfortable with as little clothes on her body as possible, and then transitioning to porn was the only natural option left. Fortunately, she did enter the porn industry and has been doing scenes after scenes on a regular basis and we are just thankful that we can see the knockout body of this hot nurse in full action as she’s getting pounded hard in a multitude of different positions!

11. Allie Jordan

allie jordan

She was one of the best teen pornstars when she made her debut in the adult industry and the reason why she instantly became popular was because she debuted with a hardcore scene. Following that, Allie Jordan went on to perform with some of the best performers the industry had to offer and delivered some of the juiciest porn scenes you could ever watch. She not only did hardcore porn shoots, but also posed for softcore glam shoots and always brought her A-game in whatever she did. Unfortunately, she is no longer active in the industry, but there are quite a lot of scenes that you can watch to appreciate this gorgeous teen!

10. Ricki Raxxx

ricki raxxx

Before she became a pornstar, Ricki Raxxx used to work in a strip club following which she got a chance to pose for various men’s magazines. And it’s really fortunate that she decided to do hardcore porn because she is the kind of beauty you seen once and never forget about. There is no doubt in my mind that she is one of the best Arab pornstars to ever work in the industry, and if you look at her gorgeous features and her porn videos once, you will completely agree with that statement. Just looks-wise, she is perfect as she has been blessed with exotic looks, a gorgeous and seductive face, a curvy body and she’s got amazing breasts that looks even better with a hard dick between them or when they are covered in cum. Moreover, she’s got an intense passion for hardcore fucking and it is pretty evident in all her porn scenes as she gulps down big dicks with ease before spreading her legs to reveal her tight pussy for an intense fucking session!

9. Nina Kayy

nina kayy

Older women have a ton of experience which makes the porn scenes much better, which is why the MILF pornstars are extremely popular in the adult industry. One of these mature performers is Nina Kayy who is as stacked as they come and extremely experienced when it comes to handling dicks of all shapes and sizes! This gorgeous blonde bombshell possesses one of the curviest bodies in the industry, stacked with big breasts and pierced nipples, and is the proud owner of one of the biggest asses in porn. It’s one of her defining features and directors are quite aware of that fact, which is why her big buttocks are always given more attention than the other parts of her body. And when you’ve got such a huge ass, it would be a shame to not have a dick explore the depths of the asshole!

8. Kimberly Kendall

kimberly kendall

It’s quite a well known fact that a lot of girls enter the porn industry to make a quick buck, but there are also a ton of girls who do porn because they genuinely long for a good fucking that they can’t find anywhere else; plus they get paid to have a good time. Kimberly Kendall is one such pornstar as she fucks in front of the camera because she is passionate about porn as an art form and she gets to taste different kinds of dicks while she’s at it. She looks absolutely stunning with her curvy figure and a big, round ass but it’s her huge fake tits that takes the cake because her partners can’t keep their hands off of them in all her scenes. Plus, they are big and soft enough for a good tit-fuck; and you can’t forget her gorgeous lips that look even better when wrapped around a hard cock.

7. Audrey Royal

audrey royal

If you are looking for Arab pornstars that are still active in the porn industry and who are relatively new to the other girls mentioned on this list, then you should have a look at Audrey Royal. This gorgeous brunette babe made her debut in 2016 but has already worked with the best names in the industry in the short time that shehas been active. She’s got the exotic looks of a Middle-eastern babe and she loves flaunting her all-natural features for her fans every chance she gets. Plus, she loves hardcore fucking as she instantly gets wet for bondage and loves it when her tight pussy is utterly ravaged by the huge dicks. Career-wise, she has already done a lot of scenes including creampie scenes and interracial scenes, but she has yet to do a hardcore anal scene and I am hoping that she’ll get around to it pretty soon!

6. Shazia Sahari

shazia sahari

I can’t find any reason to not watch the videos featuring Shazia Sahari and if you can, then do let me know. This brown-skinned babe has been blessed with exotic looks and there’s no doubt that she is capable of seducing any man she wants by just giving them a look with those gorgeous eyes of hers. She began her career with foot fetish films, but soon expanded her horizons by working with the top studios like Brazzers and doing a ton of hardcore videos. Thanks to her naturally good looks, a stunning body with natural tits and a perfect ass, she was able to become quite popular in short time; but unfortunately, she decided to retire from the industry leaving her fans craving for more of her content!

5. Jasmine Caro

jasmine caro

Jasmine Caro is another gorgeous example of a perfect pornstar who stopped doing porn a lot early that what we expected, but it’s her decision and we can’t actually do anything about it. Thankfully, she made sure that her fans had a ton of her content to watch over and over again by doing several videos during her career. If you like busty and gorgeous pornstars, then you are going to love her as she’s got big fake tits that are perky and round and are perfect for a long session of tit-fucking. That would be enough in itself, but she’s also the proud owner of a gorgeous athletic body, that she maintains with intense workout sessions, along with a flawless ass, a pink tight pussy and plump lips that were made for just one purpose – to wrap around the fattest dicks and drain the last bit of cum with ease!

4. Jayden Cole

jayden cole

There aren’t many Middle-Eastern pornstars in the industry and the few who have worked in the industry had extremely short careers and weren’t able to explore multiple porn niches. Jayden Cole can be considered one of them because she is one of the top lesbian pornstars as she loves to lick and fuck girls on screen and hasn’t fucked guys at all, at least not on camera. She looks stunning, there’s no doubt about it, as she’s got a gorgeous figure with amazing features and she is mature enough to know exactly how to pleasure her partner and teach them what a really suckfest is like. She may not be as active as I would like her to be but she does release a lot of videos on a regular basis which is enough to make this redhead pornstar someone you should definitely have on your watch list!

3. Gabriella Paltrova

gabriella paltrova

There must be a relation between the height of a girl and her sexual appetite because the shorter the girl is in the porn industry, the more kinky and hardcore her videos are. Gabriella Paltrova stands at just 4’11”, making her one of the shortest pornstars in the industry, and yet she’s done some really amazing porn scenes that would make your cock hard within seconds. Not only hardcore boy/girl scenes, this gorgeous brunette performs in a ton of lesbian videos which are extremely kinky too as they involve a lot of toys along with stuff like anal fisting. So, when you are looking for Arab pornstars who are capable of performing the weirdest and kinkiest stuff with natural ease, and who doesn’t shy away from getting fucked in the most hardcore way, then you need to have a look at the filmography of this brunette babe!

2. Anissa Kate

anissa kate

If you’ve been watching porn for a long time, then you would know who this babe is without a doubt; and if you don’t know about her or haven’t watched any of her videos, then you are in for a treat! Anissa Kate is definitely one of the sexiest pornstars of all time because she has been working in the industry for a long time, and has performed along with the best talents and did videos with the top studios in the industry. It won’t be a stretch to say that this busty babe has fucked almost all the guys, as well as the hottest girls, in the porn industry at least once. She is a MILF performer and loves to get down and dirty with young pornstars, but she also loves when her man is experienced because then she can just be submissive and give complete control to her partner and focus on reaching the ultimate climax. I personally love watching her anal videos because she has done a lot of them which has made her one of the top anal pornstars of all time!

1. Mia Khalifa

mia khalifa

There’s no denying that Mia Khalifa is one of the best Arab pornstars of all time as she became instantly famous the moment her video dropped! Her porn video was quite controversial, but that ended up making her famous all over the world and she even became the number 1 pornstar on and has since managed to stay in the top 5 even though she’s now retired from porn. Some people may argue that it was pure luck that she became so popular in the adult industry; but you have to admit that she looks fucking stunning, which is also one of the reasons behind her insane following. She looks really cute with her glasses on, her smile is just perfect, and her body is simply gorgeous with all-natural curves and a tight, round ass. And how can I forget her gorgeous, well-rounded boobs which, even though fake, look absolutely stunning on her well-toned figure. So yeah, if you are looking to watch porn where the girl looks absolutely stunning and enjoys fucking the rock-hard dick, then you have to watch Mia Khalifa’s videos!

Who Are Your Favorite Arab Pornstars?

I really hope that you liked my list of the top Middle Eastern pornstars; but if you think that I have missed out on some really good names, then you can let me know about it. There have been a lot of pornstars coming from the Arab countries to show off their gorgeous bodies and engage in the act of hardcore sex, so I may have overlooked some of them while I was preparing this list. It’s also possible that a few of them made their debut after the list was published which is why they weren’t mentioned.

No matter what the reason be, if you think that I made a mistake, then please let me know. I want to see you mention all your favorite Arab pornstars in the comments below!

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