Top 15: The Best Korean Pornstars Right Now (2020)

If you are looking for Korean pornstars, then there’s no way that you are a casual porn fan because you are spending a lot of time in finding out the best girls to watch. For a person who just casually watches porn, there are only Asian women in porn; but when it comes to people like you and me who love to watch porn whenever we’ve got free time, we spend a ton of time researching in order to find the hottest girls, maybe a few new ones, and watch their porn videos. Also, we know that Asia is a big continent with a number of different countries, so we would like to know about the top pornstars from each of those countries!

That’s the whole reason why we created this list of the best Korean pornstars, not just to help you out but also as a source of reference for myself in case I need it in the future. Before we begin the list, I would like to tell you that unlike their other Asian counterparts, there are not many Korean women working in the porn industry at the moment. Sure there have been some really amazing performers in the past; but right now, only a handful of them are active. That’s why I kept this list short as I didn’t want to stretch it by adding anyone who was born in South Korea. With that being said, this list contains the pornstars who are still working in the industry, as well as the retired pornstars who have managed to stay popular because of all the amazing porn movies they were featured in. So, let’s begin the list without wasting any more time!

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Hottest Korean Pornstars of 2020!

16. Minka


If you are fascinated by insanely large boobs and love to watch porn featuring older women, then you will surely love to check out Minka! She made her debut in the porn industry in 1995 and continued to work in hardcore movies till 2017, after which there haven’t been any scenes of her. Her body is quite well-maintained and her face is also gorgeous considering how mature she is; but I find those huge boobs of hers a bit of a turn-off because they look too weird. I mean, there’s no way anyone would be able to squeeze them, or even hold them properly, and that just doesn’t work for me. However, if you love massive breasts and have no qualms about the size or shape, then you would love to watch her hardcore porn videos.

15. Beti Hana

beti hana

Beti Hana, in my opinion, has one of the most perfect bodies in this list of top Korean pornstars and she looks quite gorgeous as well. She is a native of Seoul, South Korea who began her porn career in 2009 and worked only in a handful of porn movies before ultimately leaving the industry for good. However, the porn videos that she starred in are more than enough to know how awesome, and experienced, this pornstar was when it came to stroking a rock hard dick, giving it a sloppy blowjob and finally sticking it in her tight pussy for an ultimate fucking session!

14. Nari Park

nari park

Asian pornstars come in all shapes and sizes as there are curvy women as well as petite women. Nari Park belongs to the latter category as she is one of the petite pornstars who can be used like a fuck toy by her partner. The cute teenager made her debut in 2016 and only appeared in a few scenes after that, and I am not sure if she’s retired or on a break because her last scene was in 2018. However, she is certainly worth mentioning on this list as her porn videos are quite amazing, especially when she deepthroats a huge cock and starts gagging on it. Plus, her body is just perfect with cute little tits and a round, juicy ass that will grab your eyeballs instantly!

13. Kitty Yung

kitty yung

Kitty Yung may be considered as one of the best Korean pornstars by a lot of people, but I haven’t watched many of her scenes while writing this. But from what little I did manage to watch, I can say that she definitely deserves to be on this list and you will agree with it as well once you watch her porn performances. This flat chested pornstar made her porn debut back in 1993 and went to perform in more than 150 hardcore movies, which included anal, double penetration as well as lesbian scenes.

12. Mia Rider

mia rider

If you are looking for an Asian pornstar who is a full-on sex maniac and loves it when she’s fucked in all her holes as roughly as possible, then you need to look at the movies featuring Mia Rider! This gorgeous Korean slut has performed in more than 70 porn movies in her career where she has done all kinds of hardcore stuff including anal, double penetration, ass to mouth and even taking 2 huge dicks in her pussy at the same time. And that’s not all as she loves the feeling of a big dick poking deep in her throat as her blowjob skills are totally out of this world! Moreover, she’s got a great figure with amazing curves and she’s got gorgeous natural breasts as well, so there’s no doubt in considering her as one of the hottest Korean pornstars of all time.

11. Ayumi Anime

ayumi anime

Ayumi Anime used to be a fitness model which is the reason why she’s got one of the best bodies in the business. She’s got a great figure that is not too petite with washboard abs, gorgeous boobs and a well-toned butt. But she wanted to explore something a little bit more hardcore which is the reason why she started doing porn as well. At the time of writing this, this stunning babe has only performed with girls exclusively. So, she is one of the sexiest lesbian pornstars that we know of right now, but there’s no saying what she’ll do in the future. Maybe she will move past the allure of a wet pussy and crave the experience of a throbbing dick in her mouth!

10. Gaia


The one thing about Asian women that we can all agree on is that they look stunning, no matter what their age is. I have seen a lot of such women age like fine wine, but it’s also a fact that not all the women were that lucky. But Gaia is one of the lucky ones as she’s been blessed with exotic looks and a gorgeousness that makes other women jealous. When this MILF pornstar was active in the porn industry, she performed in some of the best scenes and apart from her insane fucking skills, her deepthroating abilities and her craving for loads of cum, her dedication towards keeping her body fit made her someone every male pornstar wanted to fuck, but only a few were lucky enough to.

9. Nyomi Star

nyomi star

There is no reason why you shouldn’t consider Nyomi Star as one of the best Korean pornstars because it’s really hot to watch her getting fucked. The gorgeous performer made her debut in 2016 but has fewer scenes to her name compared to most of the girls who made their debut with her. She has done a variety of scenes including blowjob-only scenes, anal scenes, creampie scenes, lesbian scenes and more, but the number of her videos is very less. However, if you are a fan of Asian MILFs, then you definitely ought to check this slut out because she is capable of deepthroating huge dicks with as much ease as she is capable of stretching her other holes for an intense fuck!

8. Honey Moon

honey moon

Honey Moon may have made her debut only recently and hasn’t done as many scenes as many of the other girls on this list, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less than other pornstars in any way. In fact, she’s as wild as they come and would give anything to achieve shaking orgasms while getting her pussy licked and then fucked by a big dong. She looks stunning with a cute face and a rocking athletic body, and she’s got huge fake boobs and a round, juicy butt that you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off of! However, I feel that her voice is a bit weird which makes her moaning sounds not that erotic, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find it weird too. So, go have a look at her filmography and you’ll soon understand why she has the ability to become one of the best teen pornstars of all time!

7. Morgan Lee

morgan lee

Morgan Lee made her debut at the tender age of 19, but years of doing hardcore porn has transformed her from a cute girl-next-door to a slutty vixen who craves cum all the time. She started with normal porn scenes but as soon as she got accustomed with the intense lovemaking, she began exploring the other kinds of porn by performing in anal scenes. Ever since then, she has given hardcore anal performances and even done double-penetration scenes, double-anal penetration scenes, interracial scenes, creampie scenes and more, and even performed in several lesbian scenes for people who love to watch two cuties getting all dirty with each other.

6. Christy Love

christy love

If you love girls who are super fun to watch and never seem to get tired or bored, no matter the amount of pounding they are receiving, then you are going to enjoy watching Christy Love! This cutie made her debut in the porn industry only a few years ago and has already made a name for herself due to her fun personality and her amazing sexual energy. She may possess a petite body, with perky small boobs and a tiny butt; but don’t let that fool you because she will give the biggest smile as soon as she sees a huge cock in the room and immediately get down on all her fours in order to get her pussy stretched. Also the fact that she really enjoys anal sex, and has even done a number of lesbian scenes, make her truly worthy of being considered one of the sexiest Korean pornstars.

5. Jayden Lee

jayden lee

If you are fan of hardcore anal scenes, but also love watching Asian babes getting fucked, then you need to check out Jayden Lee’s filmography as this stunning babe has multiple anal performances to her name. She is blessed with a stunning figure that looks even hotter due to her gorgeous boobs and a round ass. And her Korean and Vietnamese background gives her the seductiveness that is necessary to be a slutty performer. She undoubtedly looks good, but she also knows how to suck and fuck because she has no qualms when it comes to sucking on giant cocks and she is always eager to get her tight asshole stretched to its very extreme!

4. Rina Ellis

rina ellis

By now, you may have noticed that not a lot of Korean women have big boobs, but they do have a petite figure with well-proportioned tits that make them look insanely attractive, and Rina Ellis is one of the prime examples of that! Standing at 5 feet, she’s one of the shortest pornstars in the industry, but her striking features are enough to make men go crazy for her. She was always a sexual person which led her to experiment with modelling and camming before she eventually entered the porn industry and completely floored everyone with her exotic looks and an insane sexual drive. And with a gorgeous face, petite figure with perky tits and an amazing ass, it would be a shame if you didn’t look at her porn videos!

3. Daisy Haze

daisy haze

Daisy Haze may very well be one of the most stunning girls on this list and that is enough to make her one of the best Korean pornstars of the year as well. She made her porn debut back in 2013 but it seems like she has taken a break, or completely stopped doing porn, as there haven’t been any new scenes in the past few years. But that shouldn’t stop you from checking out the videos that have already been released because this gorgeous pornstar has a super-hot body with an insatiable craving for a huge cock. Plus, she’s blessed with perky natural tits, with the sexiest pair of nipples I have ever seen, and a gorgeous ass that’s a sight to behold when she’s riding in reverse-cowgirl position. So, don’t forget to check out the porn videos of this gorgeous babe because you are going to regret it otherwise.

2. Saya Song

saya song

Don’t let her tiny frame and cute, innocent looks fool you because Saya Song is one of the sluttiest pornstars of all time who doesn’t feel satisfied unless all her holes are stretched to the extreme and dripping with cum. She has the body of a submissive teenager with a fully-grown bush and a “lucky” tattoo right above it, and a flat chest with perky butt. But that hasn’t stopped her from going down on her knees to swallow the biggest of dicks, even big black cocks; and when she’s done deepthroating them, she prefers to stuff them in her tight asshole and give her man the fuck of his lifetime. So, if you love tiny babes enjoying rough and hardcore anal pounding, then you definitely need to look at her filmography.

1. Kalina Ryu

kalina ryu

Kalina Ryu may just be an average-looking Korean woman with no exceptional physical attributes for a lot of people, but the reason why she is the number one in the list of the best Korean pornstars is because of her enthusiastic fucking skills. She may have a petite body with tiny titties, but that only makes it all the more erotic to watch her fuck her man hard. When she made her debut in the industry, she only did it for the easy money but she stayed in the industry because it was only here that she could satisfy her carnal desires and fuck as much as she wanted. Moreover, she’s really into giving blowjobs to lubricate big dicks and you won’t be able to skip that part because it’s really hot to watch her lips wrapped around a throbbing cock before she spreads her legs and takes it all in in her tight little pussy!

Who, According to You, Are the Best Korean Pornstars?

So, these were some of the best Korean women that have worked, and are still working, in the adult industry. I personally think that Asian women are insanely good looking and there are especially a few of them from South Korea that really stand out from the crowd. Since the porn industry has girls from all over the world, it’s only natural for some of the Korean women to also be present here.

That’s the reason why we made this list of the top Korean pornstars of all time so that you can watch their porn videos without doing a lot of research. If you liked the article, then let us know in the comments below and also drop any suggestions you have to make the list even better!

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