Top 20: The Tiniest and Shortest Pornstars of 2020

People have different kinks, fetishes and turn-ons, but one of the biggest kinks that most of the guys watching porn have is seeing a short girl getting rammed in the most intense way possible! I am not just making it up because you can have a look at the content that the popular studios keep pushing and you’ll find the majority of them have a big guy and a petite spinner paired with each other and you know the rest! So, that’s the reason why we have compiled a list of the shortest pornstars of 2020 because you’re gonna need it for research purposes.

Since there are a ton of pornstars in the industry, and they come in all shapes and sizes, we have decided to publish lists on everything that you might need. I’ve already published a list featuring the tall girls of porn; so I decided of publishing this article as well. And this year, I have updated it to add more tiny pornstars that I may have missed previously and also added a few new performers that made their debut recently. I also know that you might expecting a lot of teenagers in this list because I expected that as well while researching, but you’ll be surprised to see that there are many mature babes featured here as well. So, without taking any more of your time, let’s jump in right in the list and check out the hottest tiny pornstars of the year!

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The Shortest Pornstars of 2020

22. Cecilia Lion

cecilia lion

Height: 5′

Frankly speaking, I have watched only a few videos featuring this cute ebony pornstar because if I am watching ebony porn, then I’d prefer the girl to be curvy with huge tits and ass as that’s what I like. However, that doesn’t mean that Cecilia Lion is not good because she’s stunning and her performances are always top-notch, and after watching some of her recent performances, I am going to keep an eye out on her new scenes as well. She’s got a petite frame, cute little tits and a tight ass that gives the perfect view when she’s getting rammed in doggystyle, so watch a few videos and decide for yourself how hot she is!

21. Ember Snow

ember snow

Height: 5′

If you are into teenagers and Asians, then here’s the perfect combination for you to keep on your watch list! Ember Snow made her debut in 2017 and has been consistent in the number of videos she’s done ever since. Apart from the hardcore boy/girl scenes, she’s also done quite a few lesbian scenes and after a slow start, she started doing more and more anal scenes and hopefully, we’ll be seeing her take even bigger dicks in all her holes this year. Moreover, she’s exploring other hardcore genres of porn as well as she performed her first scene with a transgender pornstar last year! Standing at 5 ft, she’s not the shortest pornstars of the lot, but she definitely deserves this place as her partners always tower over her in her scenes!

20. Penny Pax

penny pax

Height: 5′

Penny Pax has been my favorite of mine ever since I watched her the first time, and I know that I saw her quite late, but I have been enjoying her videos to catch up with her new scenes! The fiery redhead has been in the industry since 2011 and has featured in some of the most hardcore porn scenes than any other pornstar on this list. Blessed with a gorgeous face, a curvy figure and huge natural tits, she’s fulfilled all the requirements to become one of the greatest performers in the coming years! She’s done a lot of anal scenes earlier on in her career and that includes anal fisting, ass-to-mouth, double penetration and more. Plus, she’s also one of the kinkiest pornstars as she’s done a ton of bondage and submission porn as well. So, if you are looking for a pornstar that does everything, from erotic lesbian porn to hardcore porn, then you now know which girl to watch!

19. Vina Sky

vina sky

Height: 5′

You must have already expected to see a ton of petite pornstars on this list because the petite ones are almost always the shortest pornstars as well! Vina Sky is one of the newcomers in the industry and she’s been having her fair share of fun as she’s hopping from one studio to the other to suck and fuck as many dicks as she can. The flat chested Asian slut has already performed in some of the hottest scenes last year, taking on the biggest dicks with ease, proving the statement that “big things come in small packages”. So, make sure to keep following her as she’s releasing one great scene after another where she’s getting dominated and fucked ruthlessly by all her partners!

18. Jynx Maze

jynx maze

Height: 5′

There are pornstars that have been working for a long time and are so popular that everyone has seen at least one video of them in their lifetime, and Jynx Maze is one of those pornstars. Moreover, if you love watching anal porn videos, then you would definitely know about this mature babe as she is one of the sexiest anal pornstars of all time. She’s got a great face, a perfect figure with little, perky tits; but it her huge and round ass that she’s known for and she has used it to her advantage in all her videos. Her tight asshole is capable of swallowing dicks of all sizes and shapes without any flinching. So, if you love MILFs and love watching anal scenes, then you got to watch her videos!

17. Jane Wilde

jane wilde

Height: 5′

Jane Wilde entered the porn industry in early 2018 and ever since then, she’s performed in dozens of porn scenes every year and has become one of the most bankable teen performers in the industry. The cute pornstar may look shy & innocent, but she’s as slutty as they come and loves to suck on a huge cock while two other giant dicks are ramming her pussy and asshole simultaneously. She is also one of the most versatile performers as she’s not just done hardcore shoots like anal, interracial, double penetration and more, but she also enjoys shooting with other girls and loves performing in lesbian scenes.

16. Trinity St. Clair

trinity st. clair

Height: 5′

Standing at just 5 feet tall, it won’t be a stretch to call Trinity St. Clair a horny little slut because that’s an apt way to describe this pornstar. The Italian beauty has been blessed with a slender physique that is a staple among short pornstars, and this allows her to be as submissive as possible in all her porn performances. However, don’t let her short height fool you for even a bit because she loves sucking on huge cocks before getting them deep within her tight pussy. Moreover, she loves experimenting and exploring new things and that is one of the reasons why she became a pornstar because she decided to shoot a porn scene out of sheer curiosity and ended up loving it. So, next time when you watch this tiny pornstar, you should know that she’s thoroughly enjoying the intense fucking!

15. Jade Kush

jade kush

Height: 5′

If you’ve been actively watching porn for the past few years, then you would have watched several videos featuring Jade Kush! This newcomer is busy making her presence felt in the adult industry and she’s doing a damn good job. The Chinese pornstar looks stunning as she’s got everything that a girl wants in her body, and that too in perfect proportions. She’s got a short stature, all-natural tits that are the perfect size and a firm, round booty which is a sight to watch while she’s in the doggystyle position waiting to get the dick in her pussy. Plus, I love girls with nose rings which is why she gets extra points from me!

14. Angel Smalls

angel smalls

Height: 5′

It was pretty recent that I saw this gorgeous teenager for the first time in a porn scene, and I was totally stunned. Angel Smalls is one of the shortest pornstars in the industry, but the video I saw was an interracial scene and she was paired up with a male pornstar who has one of the biggest cocks in the industry. And not just the biggest cocks, but also extremely thick as well. So, when I saw her stretching her mouth to suck on his dick, and failing at it, I thought she won’t be able to take it in her pussy. But she proved me wrong as she not just took it deep within her pussy but gave a mesmerizing performance as well. And just to let you know, her filmography is packed with one intense scene after another as she’s done tons of gangbang scenes, double-penetration scenes, interracial scenes, anal scenes as well as several interracial gangbang scenes as well.

13. Rachel Roxxx

rachel roxxx

Height: 5′

When I first watched her videos, I didn’t expect her to end up on the shortest pornstars list but that might be because she was paired up with a partner who was her equal in height! However, Rachel Roxxx may not be the shortest when compared to most of the other girls; but when you consider the newcomers in the industry, even an inch could make a huge difference. So, if you like short babes, then you definitely wants to watch this mature pornstar getting fucked as it’s truly sight to behold. Her curvy figure, her seductive face, big fake tits that are actually stunning and a round ass all make her the perfect recipe for a messy explosion, if you know what I mean!

12. Sunny Lane

sunny lane

Height: 5′

Although she’s no longer active in the porn industry, I wasn’t able to ignore Sunny Lane while preparing this list and so here she is! This gorgeous pornstar is one of the most recognizable names in porn, and if you are an ass fan, then you might already be drooling over her videos. She is blessed with a gorgeous figure, which is not too curvy and not too petite either, and she’s got stunning natural tits along with an amazing ass. Moreover, she’s got a seductive face which makes her look extremely hot even with her clothes on. When she was active, she was one of the most sought after performers for an anal scene. She knew her fans love seeing her twerk her ass over a big dick, so she performed in several anal scenes and left other pornstars way behind in terms of popularity!

11. Aspen Romanoff

aspen romanoff

Height: 4’11”

I’ll be frank when I say that I haven’t watched a lot of videos featuring Aspen Romanoff and before writing this article, I didn’t even know about her. However, since we’re listing down the shortest pornstars in the industry, I had to include her because at 4’11”, she’s one of the tiniest performers. The blonde pornstar does have a gorgeous face and a great figure with gorgeous tits and ass, but she’s done only a few videos ever since her debut back in 2017. She has performed interracial scene, creampie scenes as well as lesbian scenes, and I am hoping to see her deliver more content on a regular basis in the coming years!

10. Madison Ivy

madison ivy

Height: 4’11”

There’s no one in this world who doesn’t know who Madison Ivy is, or hasn’t seen even one of her videos. The resident queen of porn couldn’t stay away from all the fantastic sex she was getting in the porn industry so she made a comeback after announcing her retirement and ever since then, she’s giving us some of the hottest performances ever. She doesn’t look that small when standing alone; but when paired with other pornstars, she looks really tiny because what can you expect at 4’11”! But there’s a reason why the brunette pornstar is at the top and that’s because of her raw sexual energy, and her seductive features that she takes full advantage of in all her scenes. So, if you’ve not watched her new videos, you are missing out on some really great content.

9. Joanna Angel

joanna angel

Height: 4’11”

One of the greatest mature pornstars in the industry, Joanna Angel is at the top of the list when it comes to alt porn. The all-natural babe is a complete package because she’s not just a great performer but also a director, writer and an exotic dancer. The tattooed pornstar has been in the industry for more than a decade and even started the highly successful “BurningAngel” website which exclusively caters to fans who love watching inked babes get fucked. Coming to the pornstar herself, you know that she’s going to be amazing to watch when she began her career with an anal scene and only did anal scenes for the most part of her career, apart from a few lesbian scenes and double-penetration scenes.

8. Sheridan Love

sheridan love

Height: 4’11”

If you like curvy pornstars, then there’s no one better than Sheridan Love to satisfy your urges. There are many hot babes in the industry with monster curves but what makes this MILF the hottest is the fact that she’s quite short in height which accentuates her curves even more. Her big natural tits, with pierced nipples, and her even larger ass gives her an hourglass figure and it’s really a challenge to keep even the biggest dicks visible because whether it be a tit-fuck, or a pussy-fuck, she’s got the ability to hide it completely! I have really enjoyed watching her porn scenes because it’s not always that you see a short pornstar with a curvy figure, a huge ass and one of the biggest pairs of tits in porn.

7. Kaylani Lei

kaylani lei

Height: 4’11”

It’s a known fact that Asians are fucking hot, and it’s been proven in the adult entertainment as almost all of the Asians look insanely stunning. Kaylani Lei is one of the popular ones who’ve been in the industry for a long time and there’s no reason why we can’t consider as as one of the best MILF pornstars. She recently went under the knife to get bigger boobs, but she didn’t go overboard which is a great thing. It doesn’t matter if you look at her earlier videos, or the recent ones, she looks stunning in each and every one of them. And if you’ve not watched her videos, then I suggest you take a look at them because she has done some really hardcore stuff that you’d like to fap to!

6. Lilly Ford

lilly ford

Height: 4’11”

Here’s someone who has a smile on her face in all her videos, and I am pretty sure that she’s genuinely happy with the rough fucking she gets on a regular basis. Lilly Ford is one of the sexiest teen pornstars in the industry at the moment and has proven on many occasions that she’s got what it takes to claim her position among the cream of the crop. The flat chested pornstar loves getting dominated and her tiny frame allows her partners to do so which means that most of the directors take full advantage of this by pairing her with the big dude or a MILF to give us a great scene filled with some hot, dominating action!

5. Holly Hendrix

holly hendrix

Height: 4’10”

One look at Holly Hendrix and you’d know what a kinky little slut she is and she’s in no way shy about that! The tiny pornstar has proven in countless scenes that she’s a cum guzzling bitch who loves sucking on big dicks before getting her holes filled with them. And even though she’s got a pretty small body, which means that she’s got pretty tight holes as well, she doesn’t mind one bit to stretch them beyond their limits with huge cocks. She loves anal sex a lot as she has performed in quite a few anal scenes, but she also loves double-penetration, especially one that involves multiple BBCs fucking her holes. If you loves watching kinky pornstars being dominated with a hardcore pounding, then you won’t be disappointed when you look at the performances of this tiny slut!

4. Piper Perri

piper perri

Height: 4’10”

When she first started in the industry, I didn’t like her very much and that may be because she used to wear braces and didn’t look as good as she does today. However, she’s grown quite a bit, and has removed those braces for an amazing smile. Moreover, she has retained her petite figure without ruining it with any enhancements. Piper Perri is one of the shortest pornstars in the industry and she’s used it to her advantage because there are a lot of fans in the world who just love watching a petite babe getting carried around by a strong guy as he fucks her in multiple positions while all she can do is accept her submissive role and enjoy all that fucking without uttering a single word that isn’t a moan!

3. Kenzie Reeves

kenzie reeves

Height: 4’10”

I don’t know what it is about her recent scenes, but it seems that she’s regretting getting a tattoo on her chest because all her recent scenes has her covering that part with her top. But if you overlook that part, you will really appreciate the rest of her body which is fucking tight. She’s got one of the most petite bodies among all pornstars, a really tight pussy and an equally tight asshole, and she’s got perky small boobs that are quite the handful. So, if you love watching short babes getting rammed with big hard cocks, then you definitely need to put Kenzie Reeves on your watch list because she’s not someone you can overlook!

2. Jasmine Grey

jasmine grey

Height: 4’9″

Just like most of the pornstars mentioned on this list featuring the shortest pornstars, Jasmine Grey also possesses an extremely petite figure that makes her an optimal choice for submissive roles. But being a good choice doesn’t mean you are actually good as your performance also should do justice to your casting. And this little slut comes through in all her scenes by delivering the most slutty and the most mesmerizing performance. She’s got a petite figure with perky, little tits and a tight, round butt and it’s a real treat to watch her showcase her deepthroating skills without gagging. And there’s no reason for me to tell you that she’s got a tight pussy which means that her partners have the time of their life fucking her senseless, and in multiple dominating positions!

1. Skylar Valentine

skylar valentine

Height: 4’7″

Skylar Valentine is, without a doubt, one of the tiniest pornstars in the industry as she stands at 4 feet and 7 inches tall. She made her debut in 2018, but she’s only done a little more than a dozen scenes so far, which is a same considering just how hot it would be to see her getting fucked in the most intense manner by several different pornstars. However, it’s her decision to work whenever she wants, so there’s that. But there’s no reason to lose hope as she’s shot some really great scenes where she’s displayed her love for rough and hardcore sex by engaging multiple dicks at once. She has a petite body with gorgeous little tits with pierced nipples and a big, round ass and I am sure that we will be seeing more of her in the coming months because she won’t be able to find intense sex that she craves anywhere else but the porn industry!

Who Are Your Favorite Short Pornstars?

So there you have it, the best list of the shortest pornstars of 2020! If you liked the article, then make sure that you share it with as many people as you can and if you’ve got any suggestions to make this list even better or you’ve got pornstar recommendations, then please let me know in the comments section below because I may have overlooked some obvious choices and will make up for it in the next update. Till then, let’s share it as much as we can and make this list of tiny pornstars the very best on the internet!

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