Top 30: The Hottest Brazzers Pornstars Right Now (2021)

You want to find out who are the sexiest Brazzers pornstars at the moment which is the reason why you landed on this page. And I promise you that once you go through my entire list, you will be satisfied and would thank me for making a list so good. The reason I think this list is better than any other list you will read is because I have only mentioned those pornstars who are still actively doing porn unlike. You won’t find those girls who haven’t done a new scene in months. This means that when you discover a new girl on this list, you can look forward to their new scenes while you watch and jerk off to the scenes they have already done!

Brazzers is one of the top porn studios that consistently releases new porn videos on a daily basis and works with the hottest starlets in the industry. And since they work with a ton of them, it might be difficult for everyone to find out who are the best, which is why I created this list. In this article, I spent a lot of time looking at the most popular girls and ended up making a list of the best Brazzers pornstars that everyone absolutely loves to watch. The girls featured here have given some really hot content in recent times, and everyone should get the opportunity to jerk off to them at least once. So, let’s not waste any more time and see who are the most stunning pornstars on Brazzers you can watch today!

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Best Brazzers Pornstars of 2021

33. Kissa Sins

kissa sins

Kissa Sins is not only one of the sexiest but also one of the sluttiest girls in the industry who absolutely loves deepthroating cocks; the bigger the dick is the deeper it goes down her throat, and she loves getting her tight asshole pounded without mercy. It’s not just her slutty attitude that made her popular, it’s also her heavenly good looks that will make you swoon for her. You might even feel the sudden urge to do everything she commands you to do in hopes that she will reward you sexually!

32. Phoenix Marie

phoenix marie

There’s no doubt that Phoenix Marie is one of the sexiest pornstars of all time, especially when you are a fan of anal sex because this particular starlet is addicted to hardcore anal action. Having been in the industry for years, this gorgeous MILF has performed in countless scenes and fucked almost all the performers, and she has only gotten better at the art of sex! It also helps that she’s got a well-toned body, gorgeous fake titties, and one of the best butts in the industry; and when you combine all of this with her love for hardcore sex, she becomes one of the hottest Brazzers pornstars of the year!

31. Kayley Gunner

kayley gunner

Kayley Gunner is one of the newest starlets in the industry, and what a bombshell she is! I fell in love with her the moment I watched her in action because she’s just irresistible and mere mortals like us can only dream to have someone like her on our beds! She probably made the right decision when she decided to become a pornstar because keeping those heavenly curves to herself and not sharing them with the world would have been worse than the pandemic. This gorgeous blondie made her debut recently and is one of the most active stunners on Brazzers right now, and each and every one of her scene is worth watching!

30. Lacy Lennon

lacy lennon

There may not be a lot of redhead starlets on this list, but Lacy Lennon is more than enough to give the other girls a run for their money. She has been in the industry for a couple of years now, and has had the opportunity to perform with the best talents and work with the best studios so far. Not only is she really good at sucking cocks dry and licking cunts clean, she’s also a total beauty as her petite body, her gorgeous face and her all-natural tits are a treat to watch.

29. Eliza Ibarra

eliza ibarra

At first glance, she may come across as the nerdy and cute girl-next-door type, but she is a ferocious sex beast who will fuck anyone who catches her attention. When it comes to having her fill of hardcore sex, she is all in because she will suck cocks no matter how big they are and will deepthroat them to get them lubricated enough so that they can slide in her waiting cunt easily. Watching this gorgeous slut perform is too arousing, and I can guarantee that you will find it hard to hold on to your load while you watch her fuck some lucky fellow on your screen wishing it was you she was fucking!

28. Lena Paul

lena paul

This naturally busty babe has been in the industry for almost half a decade, and has given us more content to jerk off to than any other girl on this list. And she is without a doubt one of the best Brazzers pornstars because the scenes she has done with the network are among the top-rated, and her performance in each them is the best! Not only is she a total slut who lives to deepthroat cocks or get her asshole stretched with big black dicks, she’s also a beauty blessed by the heavens. Her body is stunning, her ass is legendary and her tits are glorious; and the look on her face when she’s sucking on a cock can cure erectile dysfunctions with ease!

27. Jane Wilde

jane wilde

There have been a ton of petite pornstars over the years, and these starlets have taken the industry by storm. This has happened because these tiny babes are super horny and super slutty and absolutely love being thrashed and dominated by giant cocks. Jane Wilde happens to be one of the most popular girls in this category because she loves choking on big cocks, and she isn’t satisfied until her asshole is ravaged by a dominating anal fuck. Plus, she also loves being at the center with multiple throbbing cocks ready to enter one of her holes!

26. Cecilia Lion

cecilia lion

This skinny babe is quite gorgeous, especially because of her beautiful hair; but that’s not all she has going for her. Her insane sexual appetite that even the veteran performers struggle to keep up with has landed her a spot in this list among the best Brazzers pornstars! Cecilia Lion has been doing some really amazing scenes lately. Not only is she fucking older guys with giant cocks, she is also pairing up with mature babes to give hot girl-on-girl scenes. So, make sure to watch this teenager getting dominated by all kinds of performers who make her their own personal sex toy!

25. Nicolette Shea

nicolette shea

Nicolette Shea made her porn debut with Brazzers, and have almost exclusive worked with the network ever since then so it won’t be wrong to consider her as one of the top Brazzers pornstars of 2021! It also helps that she is really good in all her scenes, and her slutty personality makes all her scenes quite erotic. It’s clear that she has got work done on her body, but she still looks super sexy with her big fake boobs on her petite figure. She’s got a tall stature, in fact she’s one of the tallest pornstars right now; and I find her so hot that I’ll jump at the opportunity to fuck her if I ever get that chance!

24. Blake Blossom

blake blossom

Blake Blossom may be a newcomer in the porn industry, but she is one of the starlets who was born to be a pornstar. Ever since her debut, she has only gotten more and more popular and it’s not just because of her looks. Sure, she’s a gorgeous babe who is blessed with a stunning figure, big natural titties and an attractive personality; but she also doesn’t lack in the sexual department. She is always eager to suck cocks and will readily spread her legs to get fucked by a hard cock. So, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be here considering that this 2000-born pornstar is one of the sexiest stunners in the industry right now!

23. Rachel Starr

rachel starr

Put Rachel Starr in any kind of porn video, and you will love it! I genuinely think that if she does the same positions, fuck the same guy and follow the exact same script in all her videos, we will still watch it without ever getting bored. That’s how perfect this starlet is! She has been fucking the best male XXX stars in the industry, and you need to be a total fuck-machine to ever get a chance to peek at her pussy because only people who can satisfy her raging sexual cravings are allowed to have sex with this Goddess.

22. Lulu Chu

lulu chu

At the time of writing this, it’s been less than 2 years since Lulu Chu started fucking on camera, but this sex-crazed babe has done more than a hundred scenes already. And she’s only 20 years old right now, which means that she started sucking dicks and licking cunts on camera as soon as she turned 18! I personally am a fan of this Asian stunner and I love watching her getting dominated by dudes with big cocks. And she loves a dominating fuck too because she always comes back for more and gives us content that is worth jerking off to multiple times!

21. Victoria June

victoria june

Those plump lips of hers were made to be wrapped around a hard throbbing cock, and Victoria June, being one of the best Brazzers pornstars, makes sure there’s always a dick between her lips or deep in her throat! Watching her getting pounded is always a treat because she has a banging body with perfectly round titties and a gorgeous butt, and she’s a fan of hardcore anal sex that we all absolutely love to watch. And it’s not just about her body, it’s also the sexual aura that surrounds her because she simply has to look at you to seduce you and you will be head over heels for her, begging her to take your virginity!

20. Kayla Kayden

kayla kayden

There’s nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice for a chance to get those giant titties in my hands and suck on those nipples. I don’t know what it is but I really love the tits on Kayla Kayden, and I also love her gorgeous body! She is physically exceptional, she knows how to carry herself with grace and she is aware of the power she has over men and women and takes full advantage of that to fuck whoever she wants whenever she wants! And these sexual grace translates in her porn scenes as well making every single one of her videos better than the last. She is also one of the married pornstars in the industry, if that’s something you’d like to know!

19. Gia Derza

gia derza

If you love young babes but also prefer thick booties, then Gia Derza is the kind of girl who will make all your dreams and fantasies come true! She is probably one of the top Brazzers pornstars right now, and one of the few starlets who prefer rough and intense sex over erotic lovemaking. You give her a scene where she has to deepthroat cocks bigger than her arms or stretch her big round ass for a hardcore anal fuck, and she will be the happiest slut on the planet. And she delivers in all her scenes because watching her in doggystyle, with her big ass in full focus, while she is getting rammed from behind will make your cock hard within seconds!

18. Halle Hayes

halle hayes

Halle Hayes is one of the sexiest ebony babes in the industry right now who has been giving one hot scene after another. Being in the industry for a little over 2 years and after being in a couple dozen scenes, it’s pretty clear that she’s a total slut who’s always on the lookout for a hard cock she can suck. She has a gorgeous body, she is stacked with huge 36DD titties, and she has a big spankable butt; and she is flexible enough to fuck in positions that you can only dream of.

17. Kenzie Reeves

kenzie reeves

I don’t think there are many pornstars in the industry who can out-fuck Kenzie Reeves because this tight vixen is a fuck-machine who loves going on sex-crazed adventures. I mean, you just need to look at the kind of scenes she does, and the frequency at which she does them, and you’ll come to the conclusion that she needs a huge dose of cum every day to survive. This petite stunner is a queen of anal sex because gigantic dicks often go deep inside her asshole, and she absolutely loves being dominated no matter who she is performing with!

16. Paige Owens

paige owens

I personally prefer watching beautiful pornstars, who are all-natural, rather than going for the ones who’ve had a ton of enhancements on their bodies. And Paige Owens is one of my top choices when it comes to watching a girl who’s capable of making me drain my balls! The gorgeous babe has everything going for her – cute looks, a fit body, perfect natural tits, a gorgeous butt and an intense sex drive. So, it’s only natural that I would consider her as one of the popular Brazzers pornstars. She loves to fuck, and other XXX stars love to fuck her too considering the number of scenes she does and the studios she works with!

15. Kendra Sunderland

kendra sunderland

If you love big natural titties, love seeing a girl blessed with angelic looks and with a body of a Goddess, then look no further because Kendra Sunderland is here to take care of your sexual needs! You may never get a chance to get a girl like her in your whole life, but at least you can watch her on your phone or your computer and imagine that you are the one fucking her while you jerk-off vigorously. And Kendra is a master of seduction who will talk so dirty that you will start thinking that you are sucking on one of her tits while she strokes your cock gently!

14. Ivy Lebelle

ivy lebelle

She can dress up in designer clothes, or she can have a dishevelled look following a long session of intense fucking, and she will still look like the most beautiful girl you have seen. That’s the kind of stunner Ivy Lebelle is! I personally am a great fan of this pornstar not only because she’s got a voluptuous body, a pretty face and amazing assets, but also because of the kind of energy she brings with her in all her scenes. Whenever she’s on screen, you are assured of seeing a hardcore scene. This stunner loves sex and is always ready to either suck a dick or lick a cunt and bend over to get her tight pussy fucked while her big round ass gets slapped hard!

13. Scarlit Scandal

scarlit scandal

Scarlit Scandal is like a gift that keeps on giving because she’s the kind of girl who puts other’s pleasures first! She’s always down to sucking on dicks but unlike other girls, she’ll never ignore the balls; instead she will suck on them, play with them and squeeze them while she’s deepthroating a cock, and that will be the hottest thing you’ll ever see. This young stunner may be new to the industry but she is a veteran at fucking who knows what she wants, and is an expert fuck machine who can make her partners cum like they have never cummed before!

12. Abella Danger

abella danger

It’s not often that you get to see a huge booty on a petite teenager, so you need to imprint the image in your mind because such miracles don’t happen often! Abella Danger is that miracle who is fucking gorgeous and blessed with an amazing body; and when she turns around to reveal her ass, you’re going to have an instant boner upon witnessing those heavenly butt cheeks. She has one of the best asses in porn, and she knows it as she flaunts it in all her scenes. She may be one of the anal loving pornstars, but she also has mad blowjob skills and can take several huge dicks up all her holes at the same time!

11. Tru Kait

tru kait

Tru Kait might be one of my favorites among all the new pornstars who have entered the industry in recent times. It’s not just her graceful face, her angelic body, her gorgeous titties or her spankable butt, it’s also her sexual aura that makes her one of the top Brazzers pornstars. When you look at the kind of skills she possesses, skills that make her capable of draining dicks and cunts of all their juices and leaving them dry, your hand will subconsciously start stroking your dick, and that makes her a pornstar worth following!

10. Bella Rolland

bella rolland

There aren’t many girls in the industry who can claim to have the perfect body, but Bella Rolland is an exception because her tall frame is fashion model material and she could have easily lit the ramps on fire all over the world. But thanks the Gods you pray to that she instead decided to set our screens on fire by becoming a pornstar. It’s not been a long time since this American seductress started doing porn but her love for all kinds of sex was immediately noticed by the bigwigs of the industry because she has given us some of the hottest scenes in recent years.

9. Gabbie Carter

gabbie carter

The MILFs and mature cougars used to rule the world of porn a couple of years back, but things have changed a lot and now it’s the teenagers’ time to shine. Don’t get me wrong, MILFs still enjoy all kinds of perks for being a pornstar, but the teenagers are giving them a run for their money and Gabbie Carter happens to be at the forefront. This busty starlet made her debut at the ripe age of 18, and thanks to her heavenly figure, her adorable looks, her big natural boobies and her insatiable hunger for sex, she became an instant hit all over the world.

8. Desiree Dulce

desiree dulce

Desiree Dulce happens to be one of the Latina temptresses I just can’t get enough of. In my opinion, she has the kind of aura that will make you bend your knees when she’s in your presence. But even when she’s not near you, she can make you the king of simps by just talking dirty on your screen! Her porn scenes are always top-notch and it’s so fucking arousing to watch those sexy expressions on her face while she’s riding a cock or taking a BBC from behind while being on all her fours. Plus her moans are so awesome that you can close your eyes and listen to her sounds, and you’ll still end up shooting all your load!

7. Emily Willis

emily willis

Not every pornstar has the ability to arouse you by just talking, but we are not talking about any pornstar here but the one and only Emily Willis! This petite slut is one of the sexiest starlets in the industry right now and she absolutely loves being dominated by muscular dude with gigantic dongs. Hell, give her two dicks in each of her holes, one in each hand and another deep down her throat and she will be the happiest. But I personally think that the way she talks dirty while she’s being pounded is like cherry on the cake, and she is the only girl whose videos I watch fully, without skipping!

6. Luna Star

luna star

When you are looking for a girl who’s all about that hardcore sex that ends up with the girl looking completely battered, her hair and makeup a mess and her body all sweaty while she can’t even seem to walk properly after the session, then watch a couple of videos starring Luna Star! This brunette bombshell is one of the most popular Brazzers pornstars as she works with them more than any other girl on this list. She knows how to deepthroat a cock and ride it till it explodes all over her gorgeous tits; but I personally recommend you to watch her anal scenes because watching those big round asscheeks going up and down with a hard cock in her asshole is truly a sight to behold!

5. Codi Vore

codi vore

If you just look at a photo of Codi Vore that only shows her face, you wouldn’t even be able to guess that kind of body and the kind of assets she is blessed with. Her body is quite buxom, but it’s her titties that take the cake. They are some of the biggest tits in porn you’d ever see, and they are all-natural that makes them look even more gorgeous. And Codi here uses them to her advantage in all her scenes because having her partners play with her titties while they suck on her nipples is a surefire way to arouse anyone who’s watching!

4. Angela White

angela white

There’s nothing negative I can about this Goddess her because the moment you lay your eyes on her, you will immediately fall in love with her! Angela White has been one of the most popular pornstars for the past few years and she’s going to stay that way for a long time. She has got a gorgeous face, an amazing smile and stunning eyes, and her buxom figure with huge booty and massive natural breasts only adds to her hotness quotient. Moreover, she loves doing porn, all kinds of them to be specific, and you can find her enjoying every single second of the intense fuck fest she’s engaged in!

3. LaSirena69


LaSirena69 is without a doubt one of the most popular pornstars on Brazzers at the moment, and she boasts of an amazing screen presence. She has been gifted with a beautifully perfect face, a seductive smile and gorgeous eyes, and her body is just to die for! With the right amount of meat and flesh at the right parts on her body, she looks really buxom and her big juicy titties combined with her stunning buttocks make her this short-haired pornstar a complete package!

2. Alexis Fawx

alexis fawx

If you ask me who’s my favorite MILF pornstar at the moment, I would say it’s Alexis Fawx! The reasons are quite simple, she’s literally the hottest and you can’t help but get hard or wet when you see her getting pounded with rock-hard dicks. I have been a fan of her ever since I saw her for the first time and whenever I need to watch good porn, she’s the one I search for. She has great physical features, has worked hard to get a toned body along with a hot booty, and there are also those big beautiful boobs to grab your attention. She has done all kinds of porn, but she mostly features in the MILF category as it suits her the best!

1. Adriana Chechik

adriana chechik

If you like watching porn filled with the dirtiest, kinkiest and nastiest fuck session, you need to check out Adriana Chechik’s work! This babe has the physical appearance to make any man or woman drop down to their knees with their tongues sticking out ready to lick her wet snatch. And as a plus, she has one slutty personality which means that she is always down for a hardcore fuck that can leave her incapable of walking straight. Having been in the industry for a long time and having fucked all kinds of pornstars, she is without a doubt one of the best Brazzers pornstars of the year; and a “perfect 10” whose scenes you should look forward to!

Who Are Your Favorite Brazzers Pornstars?

As Brazzers is one of the leading porn studios, you must have jerked off to several of its scenes without even knowing it. So, it’s only natural that most of your favorite pornstars work with the network and were featured on this list.

If you agree with my picks and consider them to be the best Brazzers pornstars right now, then share the article with your friends and spread the word. However, if you think that I missed out on your favorite XXX star, then do let me know and I’ll consider them when I next update the article!

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