Top 20: The Hottest Pornstars with Pierced Nipples (2020)

The industry is filled with gorgeous girls from all over the world and there’s no dearth of pornstars that you would want to watch. It doesn’t matter if you prefer teenagers or mature women, it doesn’t matter if you prefer all-natural babes or the ones with body enhancements, you can find all of them in the porn industry. I have already compiled a ton of lists on this website and featured hundreds of pornstars for you to see, and today as well, I am going to focus on one particular group. In this article, we are going to see some of the sexiest pornstars with pierced nipples!

Pornstars become pornstars because they absolutely love taking off their clothes, showing off their gorgeous bodies and spreading their legs so wide you can almost see their bladder! If you aren’t comfortable with getting naked in front of several people, then the porn industry might not be for you. And, some of these gorgeous babes for one reason or the other go for varied body modifications. This can take the form of enhancements, tattoos, and even piercings. Some girls pierce their navel, some go for their cunt, while some prefer their nose, ears, eyebrows, tongue and even lips. But, personally I love pierced nipples because seeing those gorgeous with piercings bouncing up and down is a sight to behold. And I am sure most of you also love pornstars with pierced nipples, which is the reason why you are on this page. So, let’s not waste any more time and begin the post!

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Hottest Pornstars with Pierced Nipples

21. Carly Rae Summers

carly rae summers

Whenever you are looking for a blonde bombshell to star in your wet dreams and gift you with a cumming eruption that could break you in half, no other babe is more able to do that than Carly Rae Summers! Widely known as Carly Rae, this English pornstar is a sight for sore eyes and eagerly nodding dicks. She’s built with more curves than your brain matter can acknowledge, has a smile to kill for, and a booty that’s simply too bouncy and perfect. Sticking out of her chest are pierced 34D all-natural and merrily full knockers that gravity has refused to affect, and her moans can make you so erect you could shatter!

20. Renata Fox

renata fox

You could pass Renata Fox in the street and be unaware that this petite chick has been rammed close to extinction by some of the biggest cocks in existence! Yes, she looks as ordinary as sin, but her exploits in the bedroom are the kind few can emulate. Renata Fox is Russian born, petite at 5’2″ and bold as brass. Her boobies are the small kind that you can easily cup with your hand, while her pussy must be bottomless, considering just what has been going into it over the years! This lass likes both cock and pussy, has few limits, and makes you rethink what petite babes can do.

19. Morgan Lee

morgan lee

At 5″1″, Morgan Lee is the typical petite Korean babe who is determined to prove she’s the best in the business. She’s said to be rather adept at licking a drizzling cunt and sucking the holy molly out of a hard rod. Her skin is flawless and tattooed, her ass small but hefty and her boobies small but pert and sweetly pierced. This incredibly pretty and oval-faced slut has a plump pussy that must be lined in silk, considering the eagerness with which so many dicks dive into it and pound it to slinky bits! Yes, she’s a top pornstar with pierced nipples, and so good at her craft that she can effortlessly make you drool!

18. Lexxi Steele

lexxi steele

If you are wondering how Lexxi Steele got her name, just take a look at her chest. No, those aren’t watermelons. What you are seeing there are a pair of perfectly perfect and absolutely gargantuan fake boobies that are miles better than anything else on the market. These breasties are Lexxi Steele’s main weaponry and she merely needs to point them in the direction of a guy she fancies to get him weak in the knees and harder than a rock in winter! Them boobies are pierced too and what would we give to roll them nipples around our mouths! Apart from breasts, this top pierced pornstar has A-class legs, a bouncy booty, a pretty face, and ever-ready pussy. She can suck a dick too and ride one like the pro she has always been.

17. Payton Preslee

payton preslee

Payton Preslee is short and thick. She’s model-pretty too and has a haunch that’s softer than buttered bread and sweeter than 100-year scotch! This 5’2″ babe has a smile that lights up the world and the kind of big boobs that sets it afire! Her mammaries are the sort men fight over and the piercings on the nipples are superbly done. Sweet Payton can really get into it during doggy style fucks, likes dicks tickling her twat, but is quite open to getting finger-fucked and sucked by a girl. Better log on to your favorite porn site and see how Payton takes it up the old kazoo!

16. Sarah Banks

sarah banks

This top pierced pornstar looks like she’s covered in chocolate. Just imagine how many would pay an arm and a leg to lick her up! Sarah Banks is a stunning ebony pornstar who consistently ranks among the top XXX stars the earth has ever produced. She’s five feet tall, 23 years old, and has been in the industry since she was a teen. This babe has a 25-inch waist and a booty that measures a scarcely believable 35 inches. She had work done on her small boobies and now they are massive enough to be mistaken for footballs. These jugs are pierced, else she would have never made it to this list. We worship and adore Sarah because she is a top professional who consistently gives her all in the pursuit of cumming excellence!

15. Aria Banks

aria banks

Born in the year 2000, Aria Banks is just 4’11” in height. Tiny she might be, this lass does not let her stop her from climbing atop any hard cock she can see and riding it till it has fertilized her innards with sweet, hot, and wet jizz! Aria Banks is blonde and blessed with big and bouncy booty. She also has gorgeous tits with pierced nipples, and looks the cutest among all the others mentioned on this list. If this babe is not touching herself she’s bouncing around on a cock and moaning like it’s damaging her spleen! Watch her videos if you haven’t already and rate the cumming abilities of her cunt if you care!

14. Anna Bell Peaks

anna bell peaks

Anna Bell Peaks is enormously tattooed and enormously lovable. Her name is derived from the heaving milk jugs on her chest, which happen to be bigger than any mountain peak you care to name! The nipples on these are pierced and watching them jiggle while her cunt gets more than a little bit of loving from a thrusting dick intent on rupturing her cervix is one of the sweetest sights in the world! This top pornstar with pierced nipples knows how to suck on a throbbing cock before getting on it for a rough ride, can squirt, and want nothing better than to sit on your face and mess with your mind!

13. Athena Faris

athena faris

You can’t look at this chick without thinking just how young, beautiful and innocent she looks. Pretty soon you are sitting down thinking up ways you can make her spread her legs and give up that sweet coochie! Poor you, that’s never going to happen! Athena Faris might look sinfully innocent on the regular, but that’s part of her charm. She’s a total pro too and was born in 1997. At 5’4″, there isn’t much of her, but what’s there is superb as sin. This lass is slim and curvy, with an impossibly fat cunt and small, upright boobies with pierced nipples. Who would have thought that this innocent-faced babe could ride on a BBC with so much aplomb!

12. Sheridan Love

sheridan love

This MILF pornstar was born in 1984 and entered the porn industry when she was 27. Despite her late entrance into the porn world she has overshadowed many of her peers and has even won an impressive slew of awards. Sheridan Love is just 5 feet tall and thick. Her ass measures a glorious 38-inches and is big enough to suffocate an elephant! Her boobs, on the other hand, are pierced 34G monsters that look like they desperately need a talking to and a severe sucking! This lady is always wet and always looking for a dick that will make her cum and squirt with enough power to move the moon out of orbit. She’s a pro in the fullest sense of the world and fucks like she has a cumming lot to prove!

11. Angel Wicky

angel wicky

This girl is no angel unless we are referring to the angel of sweet fucks! Angel Wicky kicked off her porn career in 2010 when she was just a 19-year old teenager with a barely explored pussy. Since then she has not looked back, collecting BBC on the regular and riding any erect penis she catches sight of! This gorgeous Czech pornstar boasts a 36-inch booty, 26-inch waist, and 38DD titties with nipples that are pierced from Jerusalem to Jericho! Do watch them jiggle and mingle! Angel Wicky does love to get wild and seeing her in action is the best cumming exercise you can engage in!

10. Alice Pink

alice pink

Looking at Alice Pink you are very likely to get a cuteness overload! She’s overwhelmingly pretty and petite and is barely 5’3″. This sweetie is also blonde and leggy for her size, has a smile that makes the world extra rosy and a coochie that BBCs are always rushing into as if there’s a prize there! Like most petite chicks, Alice Pink has tiny titties that do not require her wearing a bra. These nipples are pierced and when she’s not touching them she’s busy swallowing cocks that are bigger than her and risking her cervix getting crushed to bits!

9. LaSirena69


This stunning pornstar is from Venezuela and measures a positively petite 5’1″. She has a smile you can’t help but love, a big and bouncy booty and medium-sized pierced melons that look fuller than an overflowing dam! Why we don’t know, but this plump babe has a cute fondness for BBC and never tires of giving these a good licking and sliding them so far up her cunt that it makes its way into her stomach! Her fat pussy is to be commended and this slut is assuredly worth watching in action.

8. Kali Roses

kali roses

Kali Roses is single, but we don’t think this blonde bombshell is actively searching, not when so many guys are more than eager to meet all her cumming needs on the big screen! She looks like she could have been a supermodel and is slim, sexy to the hilt, and cute enough to make fucking her an unbearable joy! Kali is only 5’3″ and is 24-years old, but could easily pass for a teen. Her ass is small and so pert that you can get a sugar rush from slapping it, while her boobies are small, pierced, and jiggly on the right occasions. She does have a plump snatch and diving into this head-first and dick last should be atop your bucket list!

7. Isabelle Deltore

isabelle deltore

An Australian MILF, Isabelle Deltore is merciless in the sack and seldom in the mood to take any prisoners! She likes both cunt and dick, is 35 and fresher than ever and 5’4″ tall. This oval-faced blondie has seen and done it all, and her body is to die for. She has goddess-level legs, slim body, a small but perky rear end, and perky boobs that look like they belong to a teen. The nipples on these juice bags are adorned with rings and what would we give to ring her doorbell! Isabelle loves it hot and is never more alive than when she’s shooting a scene, with a warm dick tickling her hungry snatch and the promised land of cum near at hand!

6. Jasmine Grey

jasmine grey

Jasmine Grey is a tiny bodied Filipina who can always be seen grimacing for all she’s worth, as long and hard cocks bite into her pussy with a will! She’s 4’9″, prettier than the risen sun, and could pass for a teen though she’s 25 years old. This babe has the usual tiny booty most Asian babes are equipped with, plus equally tiny titties that come with piercings. Her cunt is another matter though, as this hungry hole can accommodate no end of fat cocks and even squirt with vigor. And can this sweet-faced and tiny slut moan or what!

5. Rachel Starr

rachel starr

This brunette pornstar often takes on the role of the slut who seduces her boss, the MILF who eats her stepson’s dick with a slice of cum, and the cheating wife who gets banged to kingdom cum and back. Rachel Starr has a bubble butt that’s the stuff of legend, and holes down there that dicks just love smashing apart! She’s 36-years old, looks taller than she is, can twerk atop a dick like few others can and comes rocking a pair of full and medium-sized knockers you can’t help but stare at! These boobies have piercings and jiggle so furiously that if you wait around they just might fall into your mouth!

4. Kendra Sunderland

kendra sunderland

There’s no hotter blonde in the porn industry than Kendra Sunderland at the moment! Kendra is simply on a whole other level and denying this will cost you a fair amount of your brain matter! Apart from being blonde and beautiful, she’s shameless and talented and loves what she does so much that we bet she would do it all for free if it came to it. We are not saying she’s a nympho, but still… Now, Kendra Sutherland is leggy just like you love them, has big natural tits with pierced nipples that are so full even an adult old Oliver Twist would line up for a good suck and beg for more, plus a pussy so fat and forgiving we are still surprised it has not made its way into the record books! This girl rocks, in everything no less!

3. Lexi Lore

lexi lore

Lexi Lore is one of the best American pornstars and she is just 21 years old. She’s also among the most startlingly beautiful ladies in the world and has been adroitly spreading her legs since she was a teen. This slut is among the most innocent-faced babes we have ever come across and looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She likes it rough and she won’t cum with full vigor unless you choke her and jam your massive boner so deep in her snatch that she will be snorting your load out of her nose for weeks after! Lexi looks much more petite than she is and her tiny boobies come pierced and ready for trouble. She’s tiny, but her curvy rear end could make a saint lose it, spectacularly no less!

2. Kristen Scott

kristen scott

Kristen Scott gets regularly mistaken for a model and it is rather easy to see why. Her beauty is top-level and her perfect skin and body is bad news so far as your sanity is concerned! She’s 5’2″, and kicked off her career when she was 21 and she still is considered as one of the sexiest teenagers in porn. Her waist measures 23 inches, her ass is a spectacular 32 inches and her boobies are the loveliest 32A mammaries you ever saw. Impossibly lovable and adorable, this cute brunette, her persona, and pierced nipples can drive you over the edge if you are not as careful as you should be!

1. Skylar Vox

skylar vox

Skylar Vox goes by so many names that tracking them all can be a full-time chore and is a blonde slut who behaves like she was born to perch atop a cock and ride this home at full throttle! She’s pretty, petite and cute as only a top teen pornstar can be and is slim, leggy and curvy like a goddess. Her stunning boobies are so full you get to wondering who helps her carry them around and she likes nothing better than to happily twerk and bounce around on an erect cock. If there ever was a nympho, we think this slut with pierced nipples and a fat slit fits the bill to the max!

Which Are The Top Pornstars With Pierced Nipples?

In conclusion, I would like to mention that there aren’t as many pornstars with pierced nipples in the industry as you would think, at least not among the ones that are still active and shooting new scenes. The girls mentioned on this list are all active and you can follow them to know whenever their new videos are released. I have tried my best to find only the best, as well as active, pornstars for this list but if you think that I missed out on one of your favorite pornstars who fit here perfectly, then do let us know.

Now that this list of top pierced pornstars is complete, I feel like getting some Vaseline ready and fapping to the sight of jiggling pierced tits and engorged cocks. Want to join me? Sure you can, but first, tell me what you think of this article in the comments below and don’t forget to mention your favorite pornstars with pierced nipples.

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