Top 20: The Sexiest Italian Pornstars of 2021

You’d be surprised to know just how many Italian pornstars there are right now in the industry, and there are several names mentioned below that even I didn’t know were of Italian heritage! If you’ve never been to Italy, you should know that it is a very beautiful country whose people know how to cook the kind of food that speaks to the soul, spirit, and heart! Apart from soul-captivating food, Italy has some of the most beautiful girls that you’d ever see! Italian girls are mostly slim and sleek, hot-tempered, and tigresses in the bedroom and fortunately for us more than a few of them opt to become pornstars!

As you might know, I have written a ton about pornstars from different countries in the past, and that is why you should not be all that surprised to sight this list featuring top Italian pornstars. I’d highly recommend you to go through the lists on my site and discover all the gorgeous pornstars of different nationalities, different ethnicities and whatnot and be charmed by them. But if you are more interested in learning about the several Italian starlets at the moment, I won’t waste more of your time. So, let’s get to the list and see all the pornstars from Italy who can twist a cock in knots with an eyeblink and turn a nice pussy into a faucet without much effort!

Hottest Italian Pornstars of 2021

22. Aria Giovanni

aria giovanni

Aria is not a singer, but this babe definitely has the kind of body many have sung praises to! This 43-year old pornstar made her porn debut back in 2000 and uncountable cocks have poured out sweet cum juices in her homage! Aria Giovanni has a voluptuous body, is averagely tall, and has eyes you could trip in and fall headlong into! Her booty is beyond compare in its perkiness, while her 32F all-natural jugs are more than capable of driving you to madness if you spend too much time imagining how they taste when popped into your mouth! She may not be active at the moment, but she is without a doubt one of the best Italian pornstars ever, and a perfect candidate to begin the list with!

21. Arielle Faye

arielle faye

Arielle Faye is a 27-years old starlet and at 5-feet tall, she is one of the shortest pornstars on this list! Arielle has a smile that could set an ocean afire, long legs and limbs, plus thick brown hair that nearly reaches to her waist. This lass has been active since 2017 and is the owner of a small and tart booty, plus tiny 32A boobies that look like they were pasted on her chest with glue! Arielle loves fucking girls, but you will also see a ton of videos featuring her greedily sucking a cock and spreading her legs for some sweet and tender cunt annihilation by boners with more length and heft to them than the Christmas tree you are shopping for!

20. Veronica Rayne

veronica rayne

No sensible fellow goes around Veronica Rayne without first writing their will and keeping the tightest hold of their cock and balls! Yeah, this ultra-sexy MILF has no limits that can be discerned and specialize in making chicks and guys lose their minds in the most spectacular cumming fashion possible! 43-years old, 5’4″, and with a set of surgically enhanced E-cup wonders, Veronica is totally the kind of woman that’s impossible to ignore! She has starred in more films and ridden more cocks than you would ever believe possible and her innards have been washed out with so much jism that you can smell it on her breath!

19. Mia Ryder

mia ryder

Mia Ryder is 38-years old and endowed with the kind of body that has been effortlessly leading the sons of men astray since creation! She’s averagely tall, extremely pretty and so booty blessed you wonder what deal she made with the devil to have that kind of sweet behind! There are 34D all-natural titties on her chest and a fuller pair you will never come across for the remainder of this year! As her name makes clear, Mia is a champion dick rider and there’s no reason not to believe that her cunt can suck any dick dryer than moon dust!

18. Bonnie Rotten

bonnie rotten

This babe is assuredly spoiled rotten and always in the mood to spoil every cock she comes across rotten to the bone! Sweet Bonnie is like the proverbial ray of sunshine, has a smile that can make dark space look as bright as a science laboratory, and is one of the heavily tattooed goddesses you will ever meet. Bonnie is 27-years old, slim and her fake 32E boobs are as marvelous as any object in our solar system! She is also extremely versatile, willing to take it in any hole, and eager to take on both chicks and guys. Yeah, this lass is rotten to the core and no other girl can gift you a monster erupting cock like she does!

17. Madelyn Marie

madelyn marie

Merely catching sight of this hot-as-sin starlet, and one of the best Italian pornstars, is bound to make your boner so restless you yearn to donate it to science and be rid of it and its troubles! Yes, Madelyn Marie does have that effect, and this 33-year old temptress has everything you need to go bonkers in an explosive fashion! At 5’7″, Madelyn is taller than most other girls on this list and she comes equipped with 36DD fake jugs that endlessly shout their defiance of gravity! Plus her cunt is so sweet they are already blaming it for the latest diabetic epidemic!

16. Giorgia Roma

giorgia roma

Born in 1995, Giorgia Roma is one cute doll that you simply cannot get enough of! She has a slim body, brown hair, and brown eyes. You can almost swear that this planet gets more than a little bit hotter when she smiles! Giorgia has a fat ass, small tits, and an affinity for extreme sex. Gangbangs are where you can often find her and her poor cunt has gone through enough hardcore thrusting to make an overworked sex doll wince and faint! Need cute, fab, sweet and dirty-minded Italian pornstars to cum to? Then better check this girl out with all the Vaseline you can muster!

15. Valentina Bianco

valentina bianco

Born in Naples, Valentina is assuredly more Italian than most girls on this list! Her birth certificate lists her age as 37, but she manages to have the slim, toned, and adorably-sexy body of a college coed who’s just having her first taste of hard meat! Valentina is almost petite at 5’3″, boasts a full bubble butt you are welcome to bury your face in, and is the owner of an apple-sized pair of 30B mammaries that are more natural than a jug of olive oil! She’s bi, always wet enough to water a garden, and all her holes are perpetually open for business. Give her a cock to play with and you are sure to see wonders aplenty!

14. Carmen Rae

carmen rae

Better guard your heart, because Carmen Rae is one cruel bitch that simply does not take any prisoners! Even worse, it’s so easy to fall in love with this chick and worship no other cunt but hers alone! Carmen Rae is 21 years old and one of the most adorable things to be found in this universe! She has a perfect oval face, 32B breasts that are barely bigger than your eyeballs, and a pouty mouth that can moan so well the collective senses of humanity flee, never to return! Sweet Carmen is 5’4″, but leggy, bootiful and stunningly petite. Blessed and lucky are the cocks that enter her tight, cute, and sweet puss, for they will inherit the cumming kingdom in full!

13. Sofia Cucci

sofia cucci

Talking about prime meat are you? Then get ready to welcome Sofia Cucci! Yeah, she’s so prime all she needs to do is bend over to prime your prostrate into producing enough jism to leave you six feet deep in crud! Sofia is 34-years old tattooed babe, and nasty enough to curse a hippo with backache! She’s a leggy and ultra-fuckable pornstar and a stripper with fake tits who looks so swell it is a wonder none have had her cooked and eaten on camera! Sofia loves big cock pornstars, with both her asshole and cunt often conspiring to show these massive boners the true meaning of heaven on earth!

12. Gia Dimarco

gia dimarco

Here’s a tip – don’t mess with Gia Dimarco. Unless of course, you are not all that eager to live long and enjoy the fruits of your loins! See, Gia is a heavily tattooed pornstar who’s hard as nails and uncompromising when it comes to sex. She has legs so long you could use them as a trebuchet or the like, plus eyes that leave you no option than to bow down and worship the goddess before you! Her 34D jugs are fake, but there’s no doubting the eagerness, wildness, and stupendous depravity that she puts into her performances. Fuck her, or let her fuck you and suck your cock, and your boner is bound to be scarred for life!

11. Nikki Capone

nikki capone

They say that Nikki Capone is hot enough to broil a steak from miles away and a mere look at this sizzling chick is all you need to know the rumors are as true! Nikki is a well-endowed babe with eyes most would throttle a kitten for, plus a body that’s specially designed to bulldoze all the cum in the world out of you and most speedily too! This gorgeous Italian pornstar is 33-years old, busty, and the proud bearer of a pussy that’s sweeter than your birthday cake! Nikki is bisexual, but you’ll often see her go down to feast on a throbbing cock before spreading her legs to get a hardcore pounding!

10. Sara Bell

sara bell

Sara Bell is a cute starlet who has one of those sweet faces you just long to be allowed to lick like the sick puppy that you are and at 21-years old is one of the youngest pornstars on this list! This lass is made light and slim, which means she has a tiny booty, plus an equally tiny but impossibly perky pair of B-cup boobies that are tart enough to find their way into an apple pudding! While she looks angelic enough to be cast as Tinkerbell, Sara is actually a nympho who has enjoyed enough DPs, gangbang fiestas, and anal demolitions to make the inhabitants of heaven all teary.

9. Amia Miley

amia miley

Amia Miley is among the most athletic pornstars you will find in this list, and has more charm than you might expect from a queen! Her admirably lithe, toned, and cum-amazing body is decorated with both tattoos and piercings and there are more names to her than 007 ever used while undercover! Being one of the top Italian pornstars, she is remarkable both for her beauty and the perfection of her bubble butt. Her cunt is a stretchy piece of awesomeness and she has the skills to fuck the bone, sweat, and blood out of any woody that ever rose to the sky!

8. Lisa Ann

lisa ann

Lisa Ann is the name above all other names and a legend in her own right. This MILF has starred in nearly a thousand XXX flicks and is more famous than every other pornstar before or after her. Lisa has had a dick in her almost since her cunt became legal and at 48-years old is still as sexy and enticing as a virgin pussy that marinated undisturbed overnight! You could write a volume or two about the adventures of this cum-peddler, but suffice it to say that she has what might be the most famous fake tits in the business, and is a premium woody milker whose cunt juice has anointed nearly every hard meat in the porn industry!

7. Alana Cruise

alana cruise

Take a good look at Alana Cruise. Wouldn’t you want her on your cock, riding this leaky pole like the baddest cowgirl out in the West, while you are rolling down the highway in your Mustang? Sure you would, you horny fuck! No spring chicken this lass, as she’s 39-years old. Luckily, both her cunt and asshole appear unacquainted with this fact and are still super-tight! Alana, pretty, slim, and sexy as she is has a deep love for big and mighty boners that fill her crack and asshole to the brim! Go see someone digging a new hole in her snatch and watch her all-natural 32C jugs dance and jiggle on her chest!

6. Marica Chanelle

marica chanelle

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholding cock and brain, but there’s no doubt at all that Marica Chanelle is a beauty in every which way. If you are still in doubt about this, I dare you to have her show up in your wet dream and last more than 30 seconds! Marica has flawless skin, legs without end, a big round butt that’s soft enough for toothless you to bite into with gusto, and big fake mammaries that are faker than a money doubling act! She’s also bi, tattooed, and unacquainted with a little something called limits!

5. Alura Jenson

alura jenson

As alluring as this Italian pornstar is, you can be very certain that the goddess title fit her as well as a cock sliding into the tightest of snatches! Alura Jenson is one of those pornstars with gigantic breasts and a fat booty who can absorb every sin in the book! She’s 43-years old, active since 2012, bisexual, big-boned, and never too far from a big cock or two! Great things happen whenever this chick bends over and blessed are they that have their oiled woody in their hands during this momentous event!

4. Martina Smeraldi

martina smeraldi

Need a few Italian pornstars to dedicate the rest of your life and cum power to? I must say that Martina Smeraldi is one hell of a candidate! Her bedroom eyes stand accused of triggering perpetual combustions in the pants of the unfortunate, while her magnificent bubble butt is worshiped in many a home! At 20-years old, Martina may be one of the youngest on this list but that has not stopped her from spreading her legs and stretching her asshole to show-off her love for hardcore anal sex! Full-lipped, sweet-faced, and with pointy 30B knockers, this chick can surely help you cum like you got a borehole in your shorts!

3. Stella Cox

stella cox

I’ve never seen an ugly girl named Stella, but for sure Stella Cox is on another level entirely! She’s a rather gorgeous pornstar with the body of a supermodel and the shy manner of a virgin nun. Stella is slim, classy, and exquisite, with legs that are possibly longer than those of a giraffe! Active since 2013, tight and perky enough to give the gods a migraine, and obsessed with getting her asshole stretched beyond capacity by monster cocks, this busty chick clearly does not like you sane!

2. Kendra Lust

kendra lust

Whenever you are tired of life, all that’s needed to get your mojo back is to ladle vaseline on your boner and make the acquaintance of Kendra Lust! She’s one of the biggest, sluttiest and the sexiest pornstars in the business and has been active for years! Kendra is in her early forties, lightly tattooed and pierced and so beloved that cocks on a global scale hear her call and trash themselves near to death! She has a bubble butt you could lose the world in, a big pair of fake tits and holes so tight and sweet they yank brains loose from their moorings! And yes, she’s horny as fuck and sinful enough to scare the devil himself!

1. Valentina Nappi

valentina nappi

Valentina Nappi has both brains and beauty, and is a 30-year old goddess from Napoli, Italy. From all appearances, they do make them special in that part of the country! Fleshy but toned, busty and ass-blessed, nasty and sweet, and gorgeously buxom, Valentina is all the convincing you need to fork over the initial deposit on that mansion of yours on cloud nine! It’s no wonder that fans all over the world fawn over her at the different porn communities on sites like Reddit and Twitter because there’s simply nothing about Ms. Nappi that’s ordinary and she’s one fucking queen who was born to rule over throbbing cocks and dripping cunts!

Who Are Your Top Italian Pornstars of 2021?

These were are top picks when it comes to Italian starlets that you ought to know of! If you liked our list and you have already brought lube and tissues out of your desk to fap to these beauties, then make sure to share the article with friends before you get to jerking your meat, or you can do it afterwards as well.

That said, I am also sure that I may have missed out on girls that you love and if that’s the case, make sure to let us know about them. I’d love to find out Italian pornstars that I don’t know of and watch their videos!

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