Top 20: The Hottest Big Ass Pornstars Right Now (2020)

There’s a HUGE reason, pun intended, why I decided to compile a list of the best big ass pornstars. This list isn’t just for you, but for myself as well so that I can refer to this list whenever I am stuck at figuring out which girl to watch. I don’t know about you, but the sight of the female posterior can get me harder then sin down there, especially if the ass we are talking about is bigger than a jetliner and sweeter than a milkshake! If you are into booties like I am and have sweet love for the porn sector, you are sure to be spoiled for choice, because far too many pornstars have big butts you could eat up for weeks without wanting to come up for air!

Before we begin the list, I want to let you know that unlike most of the other lists on this website, where I only list pornstars that are still active in the industry, you are going to find some names below who no longer shoot porn scenes as well as the ones who might be on a break. And I considered not mentioning those starlets, but I wasn’t able to because they possess an ass so epic that it would be a sin not to let you know about them. So, make sure to read the entire article because you are going to discover some of the hottest big ass pornstars in the industry. We are talking of sluts who can fuck till their cunt bleeds and would love nothing better than to sit on your face, so you can suffocate on their jiggly ass cheeks!

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Sexiest Big Ass Pornstars of 2020

22. Skylar Snow

skylar snow

This gorgeous 26-year old Puerto Rican looks like she just sashayed in from a modeling page and is all that a sexy goddess should be. Oval-faced and gorgeous to the nines, curvy and sleek, she has big natural boobies and a huge bubble butt that can be deadly to those who are unused to its power! Skylar likes it hardcore and can often be seen getting some rough action from a throbbing hard cock or being tied up, punished and pounded till she almost cracks in two! And she never complains, even if her cervix is getting some painful cock loving!

21. Chloe Lamour

chloe lamour

At 5’6″, this 28-year old Slovak slut comes fully loaded for a hardcore romp! Apart from a face so pretty I long to drizzle a few gallons of cum on it, she has a stupendous pair of knockers that are clearly fake but still gorgeous, a toned and beautiful body and a booty so big you can almost see it from space! There’s little that pretty Chloe won’t do and you will find her getting bukkake and orgy action, with her pussy suffering the consequences! Thick and sexy, Chloe has no shame and firmly believes in grabbing them by the balls and leading them straight to kingdom cum!

20. Eva Notty

eva notty

Eva Notty is a 37-year old cougar, and one of the most popular pornstars right now, who pounces on cock and cunt alike! She’s schooled in the tricks of the trade, has a pretty face and the figure of a girl half her age, plus ginormous 40F fake knockers that can knock some cumming sense into quite a lot of men. You can see her on video getting her titties sucked, her cunt plowed and her ass devoured. Talking of ass, hers is the massive and sweet kind with a lot of curves and meat in them. See this slut in her birthday suit and I wager you will nearly strangle your cock half to death and go through a bucket of vaseline!

19. Aryana Adin

aryana adin

Aryana Adin is all sweet meat and like most ebony pornstars has a big bosom, plus an even bigger ass she uses to get her way and lead throbbing cocks into pleasure land! This ass is her trademark and is so big she almost needs to use a wheelbarrow to cart it around! But she’s far more than a sweet bag of flesh too because she sure can fuck, wriggling her booty for all to see, sucking cock like its made of candy and dancing atop an erect penis like it will make her immortal! Aryana always delivers for those who want to see big ass pornstars take it up the old kazoo and deliver performances that will make you feel satisfied at the end!

18. Carolina Cortez

carolina cortez

It seems like God is quite biased when it comes to the Latina babes because every single one of them is blessed with heavenly bodies! They’ve got the best bodies on the planet with amazing curves, they have amazing breasts and a perfect ass, they are gorgeous and they all are quite seductive when it comes to sex, and Carolina Cortez is the perfect example of that! This adorable girl-next-door is blessed with big natural boobs, a voluptuous figure and a jaw-dropping ass that’s capable of making even the limpest of dicks rock hard within seconds. You can be certain of one thing whenever she’s on screen which is that her big ass will be on full display while she’s getting banged in all positions imaginable!

17. Mandy Muse

mandy muse

Mandy Muse is a 5’3″ 25-years old babe who could pass for a cheerleader still in high school. Her eyes are full of promise and her skin is flawless. She has a thrilling smile, small boobs that are barely bigger than lemons, a fat cunt and a booty that is big enough to hide the White House in! This lass only has to bend over to make grown men cry and scream, and both her butthole and cunt are forever pleased to receive hard meat. Mandy is bisexual, and if you let her she will fish in some sluts’ coochie till she finds whatever she is looking for, before slurping pussy juice like a thirsty traveler in a desert oasis!

16. Assh Lee

assh lee

If there ever was a female that deserves the goddess tag, that might well be Assh Lee. This Spanish babe is beautiful in the way few other girls can manage, has an exotic look and enough curves to make the world go astray! She’s meaty, but not overly so and what’s there is firm and sweet. Assh Lee is 26-years old, has brown hair, natural 34B titties that forever defy gravity and a most erotic 37-inch ass. This booty is simply too eye-popping in its perfection and capability and I can’t help but envy the fellas who are paid to ride and slam into it for all they are worth! From what I can see, Assh Lee is one of those big ass pornstars that must be worshiped for life to make any meaning. So, kneel cock in hand and pay her proper obeisance!

15. Gia Derza

gia derza

Gia Derza is the archetypal girl-next-door type who gives every guy with a working dick that she meets the most welcoming and come hither smile that she can muster! She’s one of the sexiest teen pornstars right now and on her chest are a couple of hard apples I would give anything to bite into! She’s quite good at spreading her legs and receiving the kind of pounding that would make any pussy bleed raw juice and has what has to be the smoothest, perfectly curved and gleaming bubble butt in the entire galaxy.

14. Richelle Ryan

richelle ryan

Richelle Ryan is a whole lot of sexiness packed into a very small space. Measuring just 5’4″, this 34-year old slut has one of the biggest pair of surgically enhanced titties in the business and a wide cunt that attracts erect penises at about the same rate as a magnet attracts iron! She’s brassy to the limit and has been active in the industry since she was a teen. Rachelle is bisexual, used to work as a stripper, and has an ass big enough to crush a Cadillac Escalade with! She’s never happier than when she’s showing a hard cock a lot of sucking attention, has starred in hundreds of flicks and gets her coochie impaled regularly by veined penises all the fucking time!

13. Maserati


Maserati is a Jamaican ebony slut who is big and meaty, rather than sleek as her name implies. She’s plenty fast though and comes rocking a truly massive ass any cock could ride at full throttle! All-natural and immensely pleasing 36HH knockers are part of her assets and she happens to be bi and open for business at all hours. Ask Maserati and she will tell you that her favorite activity is getting rammed hard from the rear in the doggystyle fuck, while her booty shakes and quakes and the guy riding her manhandles her mammaries like he wants to squeeze buckets of milk outta them!

12. Ryan Conner

ryan conner

Born early in 1971, Ryan Conner is not a spring chicken by any measure. She was 28-years old when she began her career in porn and is a self-described cum whore whose hobby is focused on getting her snatch licked, smashed, cracked, and pounded to the bone! Ryan is a blonde-haired, 5’8″ tattooed MILF pornstar with rather juicy and medium-sized knockers and a big bubble butt she never needs encouragement to show off. She is also a hardcore cock rider, who spreads her legs like it is the most natural and enjoyable thing in the world. No wonder she was able to easily make it to this big ass pornstars listing!

11. Maddy O’Reilly

maddy o'reilly

Maddy was 21-years old when she began showing off her assets and getting her cervix smashed by hard cocks on the big screen. She’s 30 now and has no intention of giving up till her cunt has had its fill of throbbing meat rods! Maddy is a beauty and a freak too who gets so wet she could flood a horse with her jism! She packs small and perky boobs, nice brown hair, and a big booty most can’t seem able to resist biting into and nuzzling! This phat ass hangs out of her dress like its got a mission and jiggles like its paying her rent. But then maybe it is!

10. Bella Bellz

bella bellz

Standing at 5’8″ and tipping the scales at 59kg, Bella Bellz is a heavily tattooed goddess whose booty looks like it was specially crafted for the sole purpose of making onlookers senseless! Yes, she has a big ass, with fat ass cheeks that look meaty enough to feed a country and sweet enough to corrupt the holiest saint! Apart from her gargantuan booty, Bella Bellz rocks a pair of upright titties that could belong to a high school teen and a slim figure. She constantly gets the most savage drilling through the back door that makes her phat booty shake like it is being tapped by a mighty jackhammer!

9. Mia Malkova

mia malkova

Blonde and drop-dead gorgeous, Mia Malkova is the kind of beauty who makes your heart so thrilled it forgets to keep on beating! She’s sizzling hot, has small tits, and looks a little like Jessica Alba, but I wager that Jessica could never in a million years do what pretty Mia can do and with a smile to match! This 5’7″ and 27-years old babe eats both cock and cunt like both are her favorite meal, can take it up the butthole or the coochie, whichever most needs drilling and has the kind of perfect bubble butt that can easily set the world afire! Mia’s booty is of the firm type, which means it will never jiggle unless a cock of extraordinarily size and skill is drilling to its depth!

8. Victoria Cakes

victoria cakes

When they said that Victoria Cakes takes the cake and then some, they sure weren’t being facetious! Victoria is a very edible looking XXX star and ebony slut, who at 5’8″ is a little taller than the average. She is 28-years old, has very sizable knockers, and the kind of haunch that can simultaneously stop traffic on all continents! I still can’t believe that an ass like this exists, and it is the most jiggly, meaty and chunky booty I have seen in a long while. Apart from having a mountain where her ass should be, Victoria has a master’s degree in BBC licking and is the ultimate slut.

7. Julie Cash

julie cash

Julie is a 31-year old hot starlet with lots of meat on her and the kind of massive and jiggly booty that empires rise and fall for! She’s blonde and depraved, sexy and magnificent, and doggystyle fucks are her chief love in this life. Yeah, she loves getting bent over and pounded from the back, while her fat ass shakes like it’s got something to prove and her cunt outputs sweet liquid with a will! If you are a fan of big ass pornstars, then you need to see this curvy pornstar in action to see some of the most unforgettable sights of jiggling ass in the world!

6. Moriah Mills

moriah mills

Moriah Mills is a 29-year old former model with a big ass and massive knockers that boast exotic-looking aureoles. I am yet to know how she manages it, but Moriah always finds herself in situations where she gets to ride a very erect dick, and she actually needs a huge dick that can navigate through her huge ass cheeks and penetrate deep down her cunt, and shake her assets on camera. This ebony slut has everything a cum lover desires and is a rather good actress, who never forgets to moan like her life is at stake anytime her pussy is getting stretched!

5. Jada Stevens

jada stevens

Finding a white girl with a phat ass was kind of a difficult task, as ebony chicks had that cornered, but that’s not the case anymore as there are a lot of PAWG babes in the industry. And Jada Stevens is one of the most popular ones among them! In case you don’t know who this brunette slut is, she’s a 5’3″ adorable chick whose behind could head off any global calamity! This ass is smoother than a pane of glass, curved to the bone, meaty as sin and perfect. So great is this ass that Jada only has to bend over and wriggle her fanny to make cocks erupt on a global scale like firecrackers run amok! Jada is undoubtedly one of the best big ass pornstars in the business, and every shake of her phat booty proves it!

4. AJ Applegate

aj applegate

AJ Applegate is a 5’2″ Caucasian blonde who was born in the U.S. She began her porn career when she was 23 years old and is now 30, and as sexy as ever. Like any proper bad girl, AJ has little if any limits, sucks cock and cunt like they are the sweetest three-course meal and eagerly takes any sliding meat in her butthole or cunt as the occasion warrants. She knows how to moan and I am always waiting for the release of her next great hits! AJ has the kind of small but upstanding tits typically found on petite Asian chicks and her booty is curvy, big as brass and sweet enough to eat raw!

3. Ivy Lebelle

ivy lebelle

Ivy Lebelle has a great smile, an amazing personality, and a startling love for all things massive. That’s right, this bubbly 32-year old chick loves sucking on throbbing cocks, the bigger the better and no cock has ever managed to fuck her into total submission. Ivy has more curves than a sliding serpent, flawless skin, and some ink, plus an awesome body, and even more awesome boobies. Her booty is big, perfect, and can jiggle like no one’s business, especially when it is getting rammed mercilessly by an erect cock!

2. Julianna Vega

julianna vega

Juliana Vega waited till she was around 33 years old to shoot a porn scene. She has not looked back since, not by a long shot! This slut is a top performer who fucks cunt and cock with exceeding enthusiasm and never ceases to smile when she’s riding for the cumming paradise on some of the most erect penises in the business. Julianna is bad to the limit, likes getting naked and is a thick, pretty, busty and big booty Latina MILF who can make any cock so happy it pours out buckets of jizz! Talking of booties, hers are the most perfect bubble butt my eye has been privileged to caress!

1. Lela Star

lela star

A fucking star is what Lela Star is and she has the skills to prove it. This 34-year old missy from Florida is the proverbial bad girl gone wild and slurping up cum juice from the biggest of dicks is her stock in trade. Lela is built to impress, with black hair, a pretty face, medium-sized fake titties, and a booty that’s nearly bigger than what anyone in the Kardashian clan can boast of! Just take a second or two to imagine digging into this chick in a doggy style fuck, while her meaty ass cheeks make you feel like your brain is imploding!

Who Are Your Favorite Big Ass Pornstars?

That was the complete article on some of the sexiest pornstars with a phat ass in the industry. The babes mentioned in the list are some of the most popular babes of the past couple of years, so you won’t find any issue in watching their videos because they are aplenty. So, go have a look at some of the best videos of these big ass pornstars because you are going to love watching those ass-cheeks jiggle like there’s no tomorrow.

But it’s still not the end because there’s something that I need from you. If you liked the article and loved the girls mentioned here, then spread the word by sharing the article. But if you feel like I missed some gorgeous babe, and I am sure I have, then do let me know about them in the comments below. Help me make this list of the sexiest big ass pornstars the best one the internet!

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