Top 20: Best & Sexiest Spanish Pornstars of 2020

There sure are more than a cum load of female Spanish pornstars out there. Most have shapes and figures to die for, while others look like goddesses who happen to love sucking dick and taking a good pipe in their sweet behinds! If you have a thing for Spanish babes and have been waiting for a list of the top pornstars, then I apologize for making you wait for so long. I have already started publishing lists of the best babes country-wise, like the best British pornstars and American pornstars, and there are many more to come in the coming weeks too.

I personally can’t believe just how delayed this article was because I originally planned on publishing this post back in the beginning of 2019, but I am only publishing it in mid-2020s. That’s how delayed this particular post has been! But I have rectified that issue and completed the article finally and here it is. You can go through the entire list of the best Spanish pornstars and find not only some of the most popular babes in the industry, but also quite a few newcomers who are so good at fucking that they have become quite famous in a relatively short time. So, make sure to have a look at the entire list because I am sure you’ll find a gorgeous Spanish pornstar that you’d love to watch more of!

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Hottest Spanish Pornstars of 2020!

21. Samia Duarte

samia duarte

Samia looks a little like your favorite nun, but could swallow a foot-long BBC like she’s licking BBQ sauce off her fingers! She’s a pretty and feisty lady who has helped showcase to the world the glory of sweet Spanish pussy and knows just about every XXX trick you care to name! This star is nearly 6-feet tall, and comes rocking a pair of medium-sized knockers that are still fresh and alluring, in addition to a curvy rear no one in his right mind would pass up, not even for all the tea and spices in China! Sonia mainly likes getting some sweet dick in her slick pussy but is not at all averse to getting licked between the legs by a female who knows what she’s doing. Watch her booty shake as a slick cock slams hard into it and your view of the world and the sexy women in it is bound to be altered!

20. Jimena Lago

jimena lago

They say the best things come in small packages and at 5’5″, Jimena Lago perfectly embodies this sentiment. She’s as natural as the early morning sun and sexy enough to drive us all bonkers! Merrily jiggling on her chest area are a sweet pair of 34B knockers that we can swear would taste just like peaches, while her booty measures a sweet 34 inches. Jimena Lago is a skilled and sexy temptress, an awesome lover, and a fuck mistress of uncommon valor. She’s all that a top pornstar should be and more and is totally worth obsessing over!

19. Penelope Cum

penelope cum

Penelope Cum is so open when it comes to her craving for hot cum that she added it to her name. Being in the industry since 2015 and doing more than a hundred scenes so far has made her come to terms with her sexuality as she has embraced her naughty side and accepted that she’s a nymphomaniac slut who loves tasting different kinds of cocks. She’s tall, has a slender figure with pretty and perky little tits, a round ass and a tight wet cunt that guys love to explore with their hard rod. If you haven’t seen this gorgeous babe sucking dick, then you should correct that mistake right now because there’s a reason why I consider her one of the best Spanish pornstars and you’ll know the reason too after watching just one of her videos!

18. Julia Roca

julia roca

Julia Roca is as Spanish as they come and hotter than fire too! She is curvy in all the right areas and has an ass so sweet-looking men have fainted whenever she bent over to pick up this and that! Her boobs measure 34B, while her extraordinary ass is 36-inches and soft enough to be made into a sandwich! Julia is a pro who has made sweet love to both male pornstars as well as female pornstars on camera and appears to love getting drilled from behind, just like a proper slut. See her take a rod up her backside and the cumming flood will rise in you sure as rain, and you’ll understand why this starlet is one of the top Spanish pornstars right now!

17. Mia Navarro

mia navarro

Mia Navarro made her porn debut in 2018 only and has done just a little over a dozen scenes so far, but there’s a reason why you should keep an eye out on this starlet! One look at her is enough for you to acknowledge that Mia is one of the cutest pornstars right now, and one scene is enough to make you crave more of her content. She is young and is blessed with a stunning figure with cute little tits, and her ass is one of her best assets. I just watched one of her videos where she’s getting fucked in doggystyle, and it was really fucking hot to watch her buttcheeks ripple with each stroke. So, trust me on this and watch her videos because I want her to become more popular so that she starts performs more regularly.

16. Amarna Miller

amarna miller

Amarna Miller is one of the top redhead pornstars, and she’s also a very talented performer that you definitely need to see. She’s as slim and curvy as a snake, with the kind of perky booty you could brew coffee with and an oval face you can’t get out of your mind! One of Amarna’s quirks is that she only performs with ladies and gentlemen she’s genuinely attracted to. That makes for fierce onscreen action, with every emotion and moan being as genuine as anything. Amarna happens to know how to squirt with enough power to wash out the Brooklyn bridge! So, do have a look at this babe with the red hair if you are the squirt lover we hope you are and you’ll know that she deserves to be called one of the top Spanish pornstars!

15. Mara Swan

mara swan (madeincanarias)

You may not know her by her real name, but you may have seen Mara Swan getting fucked in several porn videos. Mara Swan is one half of the duo known as MadeInCanarias and she is one of the most popular amateur porn creators on Pornhub! She stands at a little over 5 feet tall, and she is blessed with one of the sexiest bodies in the industry. This starlet has a gorgeous face, a stunning figure with 36D natural tits, and a plump and thick booty that anyone would want to fuck. She only shoots scenes with her boyfriend and most of her content can be found on Pornhub and ModelHub; and I am sure that you would have no objections with me considering her as one of the best Spanish pornstars, especially if you have watched her videos.

14. Pamela Sanchez

pamela sanchez

We were told that Pamela Sanchez had more curves than any S-bend could boast of, but choose not to believe it. And then we had a good look at her pictures and watched her in action getting a long dick rammed into her and felt foolish for disbelieving the abilities and capabilities of this babe! Pamela Sanchez should easily make any listing of top global pornstars and can teach most of us more than a few things about the art of coitus. While she’s a beauty by any measure, her ass is on a whole other level! This curvy and thick piece of paradise could turn a saint into a sinner in less time than it takes to sneeze and is the kind of sweet meat that the sweetest wet dreams are made out of!

13. Carolina Abril

carolina abril

Carolina Abril has a face so beautiful you feel like putting her in your will right away! She’s just about a nympho and a mightily sexy one at that! Carolina Abril is bisexual, open to just about any sexual experience you care to name, and rushed to become a professional cock-sucker once she turned 18 and instantly became one of the sexiest Spanish pornstars. She’s the leggy and cheerful type, with 34C boobies that look fit to feed a king and all his entourage with! You can fuck this babe with if you are in the mood to, by buying XXX replicas of her lady bits. Yes, feel free to tear her recreated pussy apart! We are sure she won’t mind in the least!

12. Apolonia Lapiedra

apolonia lapiedra

Apolonia Lapiedra has a knack for making her peers look like ordinary farmgirls and is simply one of the most beautiful girls to ever sashay across the earth, with eyes that promise a lot and a smile that could turn your cock into a cum-seeking monster of thrusting destruction! For all her fame, Apolonia is a petite babe, rather than the Amazon one would expect. She has more awards in the XXX industry than there are months in the year and is slim and horny enough to wriggle her way into your wet dreams for the rest of this year! Do have a look at the incredibly perky 32A titties on her chest and let us know if the sight doesn’t make you feel like kneeling down and praising the Lord with your dick in hand!

11. Zoe Doll

zoe doll

Sweet Zoe Doll is a petite ball of sweetness, with a soft ass to die for and perky 32A titties that could just perfectly fill up your mouth! She used to work in a store, before deciding that was not really for her. This babe has starred in more XXX videos than you have had hot dinners this year and is rightly famous for her anal performances. That’s right! Nothing makes beautiful Zoe feel on top of the world than when her tight asshole gets impaled by an iron-hard dick! See this Spanish babe in action and you will fall in love and lust before you know what just hit you!

10. Rebeca Linares

rebeca linares

This Spanish bombshell is 36 years old but could easily pass for a babe a decade younger. She is another anal-loving slut, but she does like having her sweet pussy licked and tickled mightily! She might not be the prettiest star around, but she’s sizzling-hot, with huge fake breasts that look almost bigger than most watermelons and the kind of booty most would kill to cuddle up to on a cold night! Yes, Rebeca Linares has is it all and more and can do any throbbing cock a world of good!

9. Julia De Lucia

julia de lucia

This chick could easily make it as a top-class model. Yes, she’s that fine and more! Julia De Lucia is the kind of chick random strangers walk up to and demand to be allowed to kneel and pay obeisance to! She’s sleek, sexy and irresistibly alluring, and her ass is just the kind to be preserved in a museum! She comes loaded with a pussy of unrivaled sweetness and perfection, with medium-sized and perky titties that could poke out the eye of the unwary! Hear her moan, see her suck a throbbing dick, and be driven near to insanity!

8. Assh Lee

assh lee

Assh Lee sounds like a name an Asian pornstar would use, but she’s Spanish and her accent is to kill for! She looks as fabulous as sin, with her medium and incredibly cum-arousing 34B titties, plus a 24-inch waist that looks like it was personally crafted on Mount Olympus by Zeus himself! As for her bouncy bubble butt, we could write a ton of accolades on it and that still wouldn’t be enough because she’s one of the top big ass pornstars with an ass so big it takes a huge, thick cock to bypass the buttcheeks and penetrate the tight asshole!

7. Alexa Tomas

alexa tomas

Alexa Tomas is the typical Spanish chick, whose sex appeal could make a stone statue cum in the middle of winter! She’s super-sleek and sexy, perverted, and can squirt hard enough to break down the walls of Jericho afresh! This babe has no limits that we know of and has performed in just about every XXX genre known to man and woman! The brunette babe can take it however you like it and you can’t help but dream about making her like you and fucking the cum out of her plush pussy! She’s so easy to obsess over and her juicy ass is assuredly the stuff paradise is made of!

6. Ginebra Bellucci

ginebra bellucci

Ginebra Bellucci has the uncanny ability to look sinfully cute regardless of whatever she might be up to. She has an oval face and is beautiful enough to make the sun stand and give a bow! She has the kind of perfect body you only get to see once in a blue moon and comes packing a very well-rounded booty, small, but perky titties and a pussy that looks soft enough to be spread on bread! She can sit on cock or lick a cunt with equal skill and passion and is frankly too amazing for words!

5. Marta La Croft

marta la croft

Marta La Croft is a well-rounded MILF pornstar. She has a pretty face and the kind of mouth that begs to be fucked hard by a sliding cock! On her chest are really big melons that are fake but look like they were enhanced by experienced hands, and they supremely proportioned. Suck and handle these and you will get to understand the universe a little better! Pretty Marta is also the proud possessor of a bubble butt that screams a message of welcome to all onlookers and has shot enough porn videos to make all in the galaxy cum for a year and a half!

4. Anastasia Brokelyn

anastasia brokelyn

Anastasia Brokelyn is one of the newest pornstars in the industry, and with just a few dozen scenes to her name, she has already become really popular in the industry. I mean, I have no issues in calling her one of the hottest Spanish pornstars because I have seen her videos and I couldn’t find any faults with them. The gorgeous babe has a really petite figure with perky little tits and a tight round ass, and she has one of the most beautiful and seductive faces right now. And if her physical beauty is not enough for you, then may be her naughty side and her wild sexual fantasies would make you like her. She loves fucking in public places because the thrill of getting caught by someone is what really drives her wild, and that naughtiness really show in her scenes where she knows thousands of people are watching her sucking on a big cock and getting her tight and wet cunt being destroyed!

3. Bridgette B

bridgette b

Bridgette B is a gorgeous and ultra-sexy Spanish chick who’s as skilled and shameless as they come. She likes cunt and dick, can ride all day on a BBC and can suck cock better than most! Unfortunately, Bridgette B does not believe in taking any prisoners, which means if you watch her scenes your cum will shoot out of your organ at enough velocity to enter orbit! Be sure to check out her huge mammaries and sizable haunch and wonder as to when you might be lucky to give these the kind of sweet loving they need!

2. Susy Gala

susy gala

Susy Gala is in her late twenties and likes both guys and girls. She’s pretty as fresh sin, has surgically-enhanced knockers that are bigger than your hands can handle, and is almost a nympho. And boy, can she squirt! Let her go to work rubbing her pussy and she will produce enough liquid to quench any blazing forest fire! Susy looks fabulous, knows how to handle the biggest of cocks, fucks like she was born to do it, and can moan till your brain bleeds!

1. Nekane Sweet

nekane sweet

There are many sweet things in this world and Nekane Sweet is certainly one of them! Everything about this babe is sweet, from the face she makes when her gloriously rounded booty is pounded by a cock on a cumming mission, to her squeals of pleasure when her big and juicy natural boobies or wet pussy is explored by a hard rod. You better have a bucketload of vaseline handy if you plan on seeing what sweet Nekane can do in her videos!

Which Are The Best Spanish Pornstars, According to You?

These was the complete list of the best Spanish babes in the porn industry. I have made the best effort of compiling a list containing girls of all kinds as you can find MILFs and teens, girls with natural tits as well as fake and even amateur performer so that you can watch videos with a hint of realism in it.

But still, I know that there are several more such girls active right now who didn’t make it in the list and if you think that one of your favorite Spanish pornstars deserves a spot here, then do let me know in the comments section below. I’d love to check out a girl I have never seen before and maybe add her in the list in the next update.

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