Top 20: Best & Hottest Russian Pornstars Right Now (2020)

I am not sure what’s going on with Russian pornstars but I discovered that they all are really blessed when it comes to their physical appearance. I am not sure if that’s the case all over the country, or it’s only limited to the porn scene; but I would like to think that it’s a general case. I mean, the Russian girls in the industry all have gorgeous bodies, picture-perfect pussies and boobs, and they are blessed with cute and beautiful faces. And, there’s also very few girls who go for fake tits and prefer to stay natural, which is something that I find really fucking hot! And you wouldn’t counter that statement either because watching an all-natural babe is much better than watching someone who’s got a botched up job done on their body.

I personally think that European girls are really gorgeous, which is the reason I am preparing several articles covering pornstars from different Euro countries. And Russia being the biggest country, and home to some of the most gorgeous babes in the world, it was only natural for me to start with an article listing down the sexiest Russian pornstars right now. When you go through this list, you will notice that a lot of popular names are missing. You won’t find Marina Visconti, Krystal Boyd, Nikita Von James, Foxy Di and other similar pornstars in the list, and there are two major reasons for that. One, we all already know about these girls and have watched their videos a lot of time, and two, they haven’t been active in the industry for years now. Since there are hundreds of Russian pornstars active in the industry right now, I decided to feature only the newest and the best so that you can watch and admire some new beauties. So, don’t complain if you don’t see the retired girls on this list. With that being said, let’s get started with the article!

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Hottest Russian Pornstars of 2020

22. Kaisa Nord

kaisa nord

If you love watching hardcore porn scenes as much as sensual porn scenes, then you need to start watching Kaisa Nord’s videos because she has a good balance of them both. The beautiful babe made her debut last year and has performed in a ton of anal scenes including double penetration and interracial anal. And, she also has featured in several lesbian scenes as well where she shows her love for licking vaginas is the same, if not more, than her love of sucking on dicks.

21. Lana Roy

lana roy

Lana Roy is one of the sluttiest babes in the industry right now because not only does she enjoy being nude and getting fucked on camera, but she also love to flash her gorgeous tits to passersby on streets. This stunning babe has one of the fittest bodies in the industry, and with a round and juicy ass and a perfect pair of fake tits, she looks even more stunning. Moreover, she is beautiful because she is blessed with a gorgeous face and slutty nature that’s needed to be a good pornstar. Thankfully, she’s also got an appetite for hardcore sex which is clear from her videos as she really loves sucking on huge dicks before they make their way down south to pound her tight little asshole in the most intense manner possible!

20. Renata Fox

renata fox

Renata Fox made her debut back in 2015 and has been in the industry for several years now, and her porn performances have only improved as she kept gaining more and more experience in the art of fucking. There’s no doubt in my mind that she is one of the sexiest Russian pornstars because I have watched a few of her scenes and they all were pretty hot with not a single dull moment. The pornstar’s got a gorgeous figure which she has maintained well, and she is also blessed with perfect natural boobs and a gorgeous butt. And if that’s not all, she really loves hardcore fucking because you will find her taking it in the ass in most of her videos.

19. Lilu Moon

lilu moon

Unlike most of the pornstars mentioned on this list, Lilu Moon isn’t a young babe but a more mature performer. She has been in the industry since 2017 and has done well over a hundred scenes so far. This stunner loves teasing her partners by taking her clothes off slowly to reveal her gorgeous skin, her slender figure, her small perky boobs and her tight ass, and she’s got a seductive attitude as well that makes things even hotter. There is no doubt that she’s gorgeous physically, but what makes her one of the best performers right now is her fucking skills because she has gained fans all over the globe with her oral skills and her ability to use all her holes to fuck dicks of all shapes and sizes.

18. Jessica Portman

jessica portman

It’s pretty well known that if you want a flexible body, then ballet training is what you need and it also prepares you for a career in porn because flexible bodies are pretty in demand. So, it’s no surprise that Jessica Portman’s dance background has helped her gain a foothold in the industry because her flexibility allows her to do splits on a dick or arrange herself in a multitude of positions for a hard fuck. She is quite new in the industry, with only a few scenes so far, but I think she is one of the cutest pornstars right now and we will be seeing a lot of her work in the coming months.

17. Stacy Bloom

stacy bloom

I have noticed a trend that most of the Russian pornstars prefer having hardcore anal sex when shooting porn, and Stacy Bloom is no different. The gorgeous brunette is one of the newest pornstars, having made her debut last year, and has already performed different kinds of scenes including interracial scenes, double-penetration and double-anal penetration scenes, lesbian scenes, threesome scenes, creampie scenes and more. What I really like about her is how graceful she is in all her scenes because it doesn’t matter if she’s working with a gigantic dick or fucking a hot babe, she is always eager for some hardcore action.

16. Alecia Fox

alecia fox

After looking at hundreds of babes for this article, I have come to a conclusion that Russian pornstars are either super adorable or super hot; there’s no in between. I mean, they can be both cute and slutty at the same time, but it depends on what kind of video you are watching. Alecia Fox falls in the adorable category because this blonde babe has kept it all natural with her flawless figure, her small perky tits and her stunning facial features. Her porn performances are always worth watching because she is really skilled when it comes to sucking dicks, but she also has a pretty flexible body, thanks to her daily yoga sessions, that allows her to get fucked in a multitude of positions.

15. Sasha Rose

sasha rose

Having made her debut in the porn industry back in 2008, Sasha Rose has managed to accumulate a ton of experience in the art of lovemaking and knows everything there is to know about draining balls of all the cum. The brunette babe looks really fucking slutty and her luscious lips give her a more seductive look. She’s got a pretty athletic body, fake and perky tits and a tight, round ass and with an insatiable appetite for sex, she has made a name for herself in the hardcore porn niche. She performs a ton of intense scenes, almost all of which have her with a dick in her ass; and even in her hardcore scenes, she manages to bring an element of sensuality which is really hot to watch.

14. Gina Gerson

gina gerson

At first glance, this skinny babe looks extremely shy and innocent, but that’s far from the truth because she’s one of the most popular pornstars who is known for her thirst for a hard cock. Even though she is one of the petite pornstars, she is capable of taking down the biggest of dicks with ease. And it’s really fucking hot to watch her tight pussy, or her tight asshole, stretch as a hard dick is making its way in for a rough fuck. She is known for her hardcore performances, but she also loves making love instead of just rough fucking which is the reason why you’ll see a ton of kissing and foreplay in her scenes before the main session commences!

13. Subil Arch

subil arch

Subil Arch is the perfect example of what a woman in control looks like. She is a true hedonist and is committed to her pursuit of finding pleasure from everything and everyone she meets. This attitude of hers is responsible for making her one of the best Russian pornstars because she not just enjoys fucking but also makes sure that her partners experience intense orgasms. And it’s not just her performances that will arouse you because you will be aroused long before she’s got a dick in her mouth. She looks stunning as she’s got that seductive look and her perfect body with huge fake tits only accentuate her sexuality and makes it hard for people to resist her charms.

12. Eva Berger

eva berger

After going through a ton of Russian babes for this list, one thing is pretty clear which is that these girls not just love having hardcore sex but they prefer having multiple cocks to play with! Eva Berger is no different as she has almost a hundreds scenes to her name, and each one features a rough and intense fuck. This fiery redhead pornstar made her debut back in 2014 and has made a name for herself by featuring in hardcore scenes like anal scenes, double-penetration scenes, gangbang scenes and more. And the fact that she’s got a great figure, perky natural tits and a gorgeous ass makes it really hot to watch her porn scenes.

11. Crystal Rush

crystal rush

You might be wondering why most of the Russian pornstars are teenagers, so here’s a MILF pornstar who is mostly seen sucking and fucking younger talents. Crystal Rush had already experienced all kinds of hardcore sex, from BDSM to orgies, but none of that were enough to satisfy her never-ending sexual cravings. So, she made the only choice that she could at the time and entered the porn industry, and now she knows it was the correct choice. In a short time, this Russian vixen has managed to climb the ranks in the industry, not just in the Euro porn industry but also in the American porn industry, as she brings in a ton of fucking experience with her. She has worked with all kinds of performers, both young and veteran, and it’s really amazing to watch her dominating her partners in one scene while being utterly ravaged and mercilessly fucked in the next!

10. Lucy Heart

lucy heart

Having a pretty face and a petite body makes it easy for girls to portray the role of younger characters on screen and Lucy Heart seems to have everything going for her to do exactly that! This blonde bombshell looks stunning as she’s got the features of a supermodel; and with an athletic body, perfect tits and a gorgeous ass, she never has any trouble finding a guy to fuck. And like most of the Russian pornstars, she also loves having sex, especially the most hardcore kind that involves multiple men taking turns fucking all her holes. Not only is she really good at giving blowjobs, but she also loves anal sex as well as gangbangs and prefers a huge dick in her tight holes, or two dicks at once stretching her pussy or asshole!

9. Anna Polina

anna polina

We know by now that most of the Russian babes are fucking gorgeous, and Anna Polina is no exception. You only need to take a quick look at her to know that she’s outright stunning, and when you couple her physical appearance with her sexual nature, you get a ferocious babe who takes pride in being a nymphomaniac. She’s been blessed with a gorgeous body and her fake boobs are of the perfect size to accentuate her curves even more. But it’s her performances that have enabled her to become a top talent in the porn industry as this gorgeous slut can do a lot with a huge dick in her mouth.

8. Elena Koshka

elena koshka

As much as I like to watch a gorgeous babe getting pounded mercilessly, I also love to watch them making sensuous love which is why I love watching lesbian scenes. But if you are looking for a babe that loves hardcore sex as much as she loves fucking girls, then you ought to check out Elena Koshka as she’s got a perfect balance in the genres of porn that she has done. This stunning babe has a slender figure with perky natural tits and a tight ass; and she’s also one of the tallest pornstars right now which makes it really hot when she’s riding in cowgirl position or when she’s bent over for a rough pounding from behind!

7. Kira Queen

kira queen

Kira Queen is one of my favorite pornstars right now and if you have watched her fuck, then you’d become a fan of hers too. She made her debut in the industry back in 2012 and has performed for some of the top studios so far. Moreover, she is blessed with a gorgeous body with natural curves, huge natural boobs and a stunning ass, but the biggest quality she has is that she absolutely loves to fuck which makes her decision to become a pornstar absolutely correct. And it’s really fucking hot to watch guys drooling for her as they can’t keep their dicks in their pants in her presence. And I don’t blame them because who wouldn’t want to see their dicks buried between her huge tits, her luscious lips wrapped around their cocks before she grabs it and slides it deep within her pussy or her asshole for a hardcore fuck. There are several reasons why she is one of the top Russian pornstars right now, and you only need to watch one of her videos to find those reasons!

6. Kayla Green

kayla green

Femdom is a pretty intense niche and a truly hot one too because you get to see women taking control of things. If you love watching a femme fatale, someone who’s not only able to charm anyone she lays eyes on but also manipulate them as she sees fit, then you’d really love watching Kayla Green’s videos. The gorgeous babe has an athletic body with long legs, a seductive face with high cheekbones, big fucking tits and a tight, round ass; and she’s an absolutely dominating slut. I mean, she will suck on a hard cock and fuck it to drain all the cum out but she will do it on her own volition. This is the reason why she has made a name for herself in the porn industry and you will often see her dressed in form-fitting latex suit with whips and ropes in her hand, ready to fuck her partner while showing them who’s in charge!

5. Candy Alexa

candy alexa

If you enjoy watching mature women taking on huge cocks, then Candy Alexa might the perfect choice among the Russian pornstars. This curvy pornstar has chosen an apt name for herself because everyone would want to lick those gorgeous nipples or her gorgeous butt. Physically, she’s just perfect as she is blessed with big natural tits and a round, juicy ass, but it’s her performances that truly take the cake. She is an experienced woman which makes her a sight to watch. It’s really amazing to see her sucking on huge cocks and then fucking them with her holes. And if you like things hardcore, then you ought to know that she really is a fan of rough anal sex and has done a ton of it throughout her career.

4. Alessandra Jane

alessandra jane

Alessandra Jane got her start in the industry as a cute girl-next-door, but it wasn’t long that she transformed herself into the slutty vixen that we see today. One thing that I have noted about this Russian babe is that she’s almost always dressed immaculately in all her scenes and even when her partners get her naked by removing all her clothes, she still looks as graceful as she did with her clothes on. She knows she’s gorgeous, she knows that she’s the subject of fantasy of men all over the globe and she loves using that power to seduce guys and bending them to her wills. And it’s always amazing to watch her in a new video because there’s not really a ton of babes who have hardcore sex all the time and still manage to look perfect!

3. Lena Reif

lena reif

Ever since this gorgeous babe decided to become a pornstar, every studio in Europe wanted to shoot her and every male performer wanted to fuck her. Lena Reif absolutely loved fucking both guys and girls in her private life, so much that the decision to enter the adult film industry seemed natural to her. And thanks to her having a face and physique worthy of an international model, deep blue eyes and a gorgeous smile, perky natural breasts and a stunning ass, it was quite easy for her to become popular and amass a legion of fans in a short time. She’s undoubtedly one of the sexiest Russian pornstars right now and you can watch her perform for the top studios in the industry all the time!

2. Eva Elfie

eva elfie

Eva Elfie is one of the cutest teen pornstars right now and that’s not even an exaggeration. All you need is just one look at her to instantly fall in love, and you would even find yourself overwhelmed by intense lust that will make you binge-watch all her scenes. The stunning babe has a pretty gorgeous set of huge natural boobs, and her slim figure makes them stand out even more. But you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of her gorgeous face too because it’s really fucking hot to watch her giving a sloppy blowjob. She has done quite a lot of scenes so far, and every single one of them is pretty amazing, so make sure you don’t miss out on them. She’s also creating her own videos and uploading them on her Pornhub page, so kindly check that out too because that’s where it all began.

1. Liya Silver

liya silver

If you didn’t see this coming, then you are not watching as much porn as you thought you did. Liya Silver is, without a doubt, totally deserving of the number one spot in the best Russian pornstars list because she’s perfect in every way. She has been blessed with a heavenly body with gorgeous natural tits and a stunning ass, and she’s also got a stunning face with gorgeous eyes and a seductive smile, and all these makes her one of the most beautiful pornstars of the moment! And that’s not all that she’s got because she knows how to fuck in front of the camera as well. She has done both hardcore and erotic scenes and everything she does seems to be perfect. It’s amazing to watch her getting pounded hard, but it is also amazing to see her getting her pussy licked, her neck kissed, her breasts fondled, her lips kissed while her pussy is being filled with a hard cock.

Who Are Your Favorite Russian Pornstars?

So these were some of the pornstars that I consider worthy of being called the hottest. However, I am aware that you might disagree with my opinion, and if that’s the case, then make sure to let me know which pornstar you’d rather see on this list.

There are hundreds of Russian pornstars active in the industry, and thousands who were active but have retired, but I have tried to make a list of only the best one above. Also, as I said in the beginning of the article, I have not mentioned the girls who are not longer active in the industry, no matter how popular they are or were. I did this to introduce the new talents who are becoming popular and getting positive feedback on their performances.

So, make sure to go through the list to find some of the sexiest Russian pornstars currently active in the industry, and let us know what you think about them in the comments section below.

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