Top 20: Best & Hottest Russian Pornstars Right Now (2021)

I am not sure what’s going on with Russian pornstars but I discovered that they all are really blessed when it comes to their physical appearance. I am not sure if that’s the case all over the country, or it’s only limited to the porn scene; but I would like to think that it’s a general case. I mean, the Russian girls in the industry all have gorgeous bodies, picture-perfect pussies and boobs, and they have cute and beautiful faces too. And, there’s also very few girls who go for fake tits as most prefer to stay natural, which is something that I find really fucking hot! But there are some pretty epic babes who have perfect fake titties as well!

Since I have prepared a ton of articles listing down several pornstars from different countries, I had to write about the Russian pornstars as well because it is a country that’s home to some of the most gorgeous women in the world. When you go through this list, you will notice that a lot of popular names are missing. You won’t find Marina Visconti, Krystal Boyd, Nikita Von James, Foxy Di and other similar pornstars here. There are two major reasons for that; one, we all already know about these girls; and two, they haven’t been active in the industry for years now. I have only mentioned the girls who are still active right now so don’t complain if you don’t see the retired girls on this list.

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Hottest Russian Pornstars of 2021

23. Kaisa Nord

kaisa nord

If you love watching hardcore porn scenes as much as sensual porn scenes, then you need to start watching Kaisa Nord’s videos because she has a good balance of them both. The beautiful babe made her debut back in 2019 and has performed in a ton of anal scenes including double penetration and interracial anal. And, she also has featured in several lesbian scenes as well where she shows that she loves licking wet vaginas as much as she loves sucking on dicks.

22. Lana Roy

lana roy

Lana Roy is one of the sluttiest babes in the industry right now because she enjoys being nude and loves fucking on camera; and she’s also an exhibitionist who flashes her gorgeous tits in public every chance she gets. This gorgeous pornstar has a fit figure, with a round and juicy ass and a perfect pair of fake tits, and she has a seductive face and slutty nature that has made her one of the most sought after hardcore performers! She’s got an insane appetite for hardcore sex and loves sucking cocks before they make their way between her legs and pound her tight little asshole in the most intense manner possible!

21. Lilu Moon

lilu moon

Unlike most of the pornstars mentioned on this list, Lilu Moon isn’t a young babe but a more mature performer. She has been in the industry since 2017 and has done well over a hundred scenes so far. This stunner loves teasing her partners by taking her clothes off slowly to reveal her gorgeous skin, her slender figure, her small perky boobs and her tight ass. There is no doubt that she’s gorgeous physically, but what makes her one of the best Russian pornstars is her fucking skills because she has god-tier blowjob skills and is able to use all of her holes to fuck dicks of all shapes and sizes with ease!

20. Mary Rock

mary rock

If you have a flexible body, you already have an advantage over other girls in the industry because flexible girls can fuck in multiple positions without much effort. So, it’s no surprise that Mary Rock managed to gain a foothold in the industry because her flexibility allows her to do splits on a dick or arrange herself in a multitude of positions for a hard fuck. She isn’t exactly new in the industry, as she has done quite a ton of hardcore scenes so far, but I think she is one of the cutest pornstars right now and I’d love to watch more of her rough sex scenes in the coming months.

19. Bunny Colby

bunny colby

I have noticed a trend that most of the Russian pornstars prefer having hardcore sex when it comes to shooting porn, and Bunny Colby is no different. The gorgeous blonde is one of the sexiest pornstars and it’s always a treat to watch her fuck because she’s one of the girls who actually love having sex on camera. What I really like about her is how real she is in all her scenes because it doesn’t matter if she’s trying to fit a gigantic dick in her mouth or busy licking a woman’s wet cunt, she is always eager for some hardcore action.

18. Alecia Fox

alecia fox

After looking at hundreds of babes for this article, I have come to a conclusion that Russian pornstars are either super adorable or super hot; there’s no in between. I mean, they can be both cute and slutty at the same time, but it depends on what kind of video you are watching. Alecia Fox falls in the adorable category because this blonde babe has kept it all natural with her flawless figure, her perky 32AA-cup titties and her stunning facial features. Her porn performances are always worth watching because she has a pretty flexible body that allows her to get fucked in a multitude of positions.

17. Sasha Rose

sasha rose

Having made her debut in the porn industry back in 2008, Sasha Rose has accumulated a ton of experience in the art of lovemaking and knows everything there is to know about draining balls of all the cum. The brunette babe looks absolutely slutty, and her luscious lips give her a more seductive look. She’s got an athletic body, big fake tits and a round ass, and she’s got an insatiable appetite for sex that can be somewhat satisfied with hardcore anal fuck. She loves the feeling of a big dick stuffing her tight asshole; but even in her intense scenes, she manages to bring an element of sensuality which makes her porn scenes really hot!

16. Gina Gerson

gina gerson

At first glance, this skinny babe looks extremely shy and innocent, but that’s far from the truth because she’s one of the most popular pornstars who is known for her thirst for a hard cock. Even though she a petite pornstar, she is capable of taking down the biggest of dicks with ease. And it’s really fucking hot to watch her tight pussy or her tight asshole get stretched as a hard dick makes its way in for a rough fuck. She loves hardcore sex, but she also loves sensuous lovemaking which is the reason why you’ll see a ton of kissing and foreplay in almost all her scenes!

15. Subil Arch

subil arch

Subil Arch is the perfect example of what a woman in control looks like. She is a true hedonist and is committed to her pursuit of finding pleasure from everything and everyone she meets. This attitude of hers is responsible for making her one of the best Russian pornstars because she not just enjoys fucking but also makes sure that her partners experience intense orgasms as well. She is seductive and absolutely stunning and her perfect body with those huge fake tits accentuate her sexuality even more and makes it hard for people to resist her charms.

14. Kitana Lure

kitana lure

After going through a ton of Russian babes for this list, one thing is pretty clear to me – they love it when there are multiple cocks to play with! Kitana Lure is no different because she has done hundreds of hardcore scenes to her name, and most of them feature her taking big cocks deep inside her asshole. This fiery starlet made her debut back in 2014 and immediately started doing hardcore scenes like anal, double-penetration, gangbang scenes and more!

13. Crystal Rush

crystal rush

You might be wondering why most of the Russian pornstars are teenagers, so here’s a MILF pornstar who loves sucking on young cocks and licking young cunts. Crystal Rush had already experienced all kinds of hardcore sex, from BDSM to orgies, but none of that were enough to satisfy her never-ending sexual cravings. So, she decided to enter the porn industry and managed to become popular in a very short time. Ever since her debut, She has worked with all kinds of performers, and it’s really arousing to watch her dominating her partners in one scene while being dominated, utterly ravaged and mercilessly fucked in the next!

12. Lucy Heart

lucy heart

Having a pretty face and a petite body makes it easy for girls to portray the role of younger characters on screen and Lucy Heart has everything going for her to do exactly that! This blonde bombshell looks stunning as she’s got the features of a supermodel; and with an athletic body, perfect tits and a gorgeous ass, she never has any trouble finding a guy who’ll fuck her. Like most of the Russian pornstars, she also loves having hardcore sex where multiple men take turns fucking her out of her senses!

11. Anna Polina

anna polina

We know by now that most of the Russian women are absolutely gorgeous, and Anna Polina is no exception. One look at her and you will know that she’s outright stunning, and when you couple her physical appearance with her sexual nature, you get a ferocious babe who takes pride in being a nymphomaniac. She’s been blessed with a gorgeous body and her fake boobs are of the perfect size to accentuate her curves even more. But it’s her performances that have enabled her to become a top talent in the porn industry as this gorgeous slut can do a lot when you give her full control of a gigantic penis!

10. Elena Koshka

elena koshka

As much as I like to watch a gorgeous babe getting pounded mercilessly, I also love watching them making sensuous love which is why I love lesbian porn! And if you are looking for a babe who loves fucking guys as much as she loves fucking girls, then you ought to check out Elena Koshka as she’s fucked all sorts of performers in her long and fruitful career. She has a slender figure with perky natural tits and a tight ass; and she’s also one of the tallest pornstars right now which means it’s really hot to watch her riding on top in cowgirl position, but it’s equally hot to watch her bent over and banged hard from behind!

9. Kira Queen

kira queen

Kira Queen made her debut in the industry back in 2012 and is one of the starlets who has a gorgeous body with natural curves, huge natural boobs and a stunning ass. Unlike most girls on this list, she’s a mature performer and a total seductress no one can say no to. I mean, there’s no guy who wouldn’t want to see his dick wrapped around those luscious lips or buried between her huge titties! There are so many reasons why she is one of the top Russian pornstars, and you need to watch just one of her videos to figure out those reasons and become a lifelong fan of hers!

8. Kayla Green

kayla green

Femdom is a pretty intense and a really hot niche because you get to see women taking control of things. If you love watching a femme fatale, someone who’s not only able to charm anyone she lays eyes on but also manipulate them as she sees fit, then you’d really love watching Kayla Green’s videos. The gorgeous babe has a seductive face with high cheekbones, big gorgeous tits, long legs and a gorgeous round ass; and she’s an absolutely dominating slut. Dressed in form-fitting latex suit, she will suck dicks and fuck them as she sees fit, and you can’t cum unless she tells you to or she’ll punish you for disobeying her orders!

7. Jia Lissa

jia lissa

Jia Lissa made her debut as a pornstar a couple years ago, and she has become a pretty well-known performer by now. There’s no doubt in my mind that she is one of the sexiest Russian pornstars because it’s so fucking hot to see her getting fucked from behind in pronebone position. She’s really cute, she’s got an adorable face and a gorgeous body, and she loves when big cocks are stretching out her pussy. So, if you love watching cute girls having hardcore sex, then you should watch this redhead pornstar as she will satisfy you without any issues!

6. Candy Alexa

candy alexa

If you enjoy watching mature women taking on huge cocks, then Candy Alexa might the perfect choice among these Russian pornstars. This curvy pornstar has chosen an apt name for herself because everyone would want to lick those gorgeous nipples of hers like it’s their favorite candy. Physically, she’s perfect as she is blessed with big natural tits and a round, juicy ass, but it’s her performances that truly make her stand out. She is a seductress with a  ton of experience and it’s amazing to see her fuck huge cocks by stuffing them down her waiting pussy or tight asshole!

5. Alessandra Jane

alessandra jane

Alessandra Jane got her start in the industry as a cute girl-next-door, but it wasn’t long before she transformed into the slutty vixen that we see today. This tiny starlet is dressed immaculately in all her scenes and even when she’s all naked, she manages to look just as graceful. She knows she’s gorgeous, she knows that she’s the subject of fantasy of men all over the globe and she loves using that power to seduce guys and bending them to her wills. If you have not watched her porn scenes, do so now because there aren’t a lot of babes who have hard and intense sex and still manage to look perfect throughout the scene!

4. Lena Reif

lena reif

Ever since this gorgeous European babe decided to become a pornstar, every studio in Europe wanted to shoot her and every male performer wanted to fuck her. Even before she entered the porn industry, Lena Reif used to fuck both guys and girls all the time, so becoming a pornstar was a sensible decision. And since she has a face and physique worthy of an international model, with deep blue eyes and a gorgeous smile, it was quite easy for her to become popular and amass a legion of fans in a short time. She’s undoubtedly one of the sexiest Russian pornstars right now and you definitely should watch her scenes if you haven’t done so already!

3. Casca Akashova

casca akashova

If you are a fan of graceful babes who love wearing expensive clothing in order to show-off their perfect figures, then Casca Akashova is the perfect pornstar for you! She is a mature woman who just oozes sexual aura, so much that no mortal men can resist her advances. If she were to set her sight on you, you will be mesmerized and the next thing you remember will be being on your knees while your tongue services her cunt. Such is her presence, and it all is pretty apparent in all her scenes. You just have to watch Casca sucking big dicks and see her ride them with perfection, and you’ll understand why I consider her as one of the top Russian pornstars of 2021!

2. Eva Elfie

eva elfie

Eva Elfie is one of the most popular teen pornstars right now and that’s not even an exaggeration. All you need is just one look to instantly fall in love with her, and you would even find yourself overwhelmed by intense lust that will make you binge-watch all her scenes. The stunning babe has a pretty gorgeous set of tits, and her slim figure makes them stand out even more. But that’s not all because she’s got a gorgeous face as well and the watching her giving blowjobs is a memory that you would like to take to your grave. She has done quite a lot of amazing scenes so far; and although she shoots a ton of professional porn, you should also check out her amateur content that is much more realistic and absolutely arousing to watch!

1. Liya Silver

liya silver

Liya Silver totally deserves being on the number one spot in the best Russian pornstars list because she’s perfect in every single way. She has a heavenly body with gorgeous natural tits and a stunning ass, she has a perfect face with gorgeous eyes and a seductive smile, and all these features make her one of the most beautiful pornstars of the moment! But that’s not all because she also knows how to fuck in front of the camera without being awkward. She has done both hardcore and erotic scenes; it’s amazing to watch her being fucked hard, but it is also super hot to see her getting her pussy licked, her neck kissed, her breasts fondled, and her lips kissed all the while her pussy is being filled with a hard cock.

Who Are Your Favorite Russian Pornstars of 2021?

So these were some of the pornstars that I consider worthy of being called the hottest. However, I am aware that you might disagree with my opinion, and if that’s the case, then make sure to let me know which pornstar you’d rather see on this list.

There are hundreds of Russian pornstars active in the industry, and many were active but are now retired. As I said in the beginning of the article, I have not mentioned the girls who are not longer active in the industry, no matter how popular they are or were.

So, make sure to go through the list to find some of the sexiest Russian pornstars currently active in the industry, and let us know what you think about them in the comments section below.

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