Top 20: The Best, Hottest Pornstars Born in 2000!

It’s really fascinating to think that we’d have pornstars entering in the industry as soon as they turn 18, but it’s a fact and this list is proof of that! Although there’s no dearth of hot babes that make their debut in the porn industry, there are certain horny girls who just can’t wait to hit that legal age, and as soon as that happens, they seem to forget about everything and give their all to make the best porn ever. In this article, we have listed down some of the hottest pornstars born in 2000, which makes them only 18 years of age at the time of writing this article!

Now, before we begin this list, all these pornstars have only made their debut within the past few months, so there haven’t done a lot of scenes as the other babes. However, there is one thing that you can be certain of, and that is, these “barely legal” girls are here to stay and give the established pornstars a run for their money within a short time. It was certainly tough to find the new starlets, and that too girls born in 2000, to make this list; but we did it for you, and for us, so enjoy the article and go watch the debut as well as the follow-up scenes of these young pornstars.

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The Hottest Pornstars Born in 2000

1. Autumn Falls

autumn falls

Born on: August 4, 2000

There’s no better pornstar to begin this list with other than Autumn Falls. She’s one of the hottest newcomers in the industry, and has already become one of the best talents. Ever since she made her debut last year, she’s been consistently performing along with the best pornstars in the industry and shooting for the top studios. The teenage Latina pornstar has already shown us that she loves to fuck because she made her debut the moment she turned 18 and it’s pretty evident from her videos as well. If you are into buxom babes with huge natural tits and seductive looks, then you should definitely have a look at Autumn Falls because this ‘barely legal’ pornstar will give you a boner within a few seconds!

2. Aria Sky

aria sky

Born on: January 15, 2000

The current cream of the crop is Aria Sky, as you can see from the picture above, and she’s got the potential to become the very best of the industry in a short span of time. Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s got a curvy body and all-natural boobs that are a delight to watch, and also the reason of jealousy for many of us as we can’t feel them in our hands. She’s also a redhead and her short height makes her the prime candidate for the most popular genre in porn, hot teen being dominated by the male talent! She’s been featured in a few hardcore scenes, which you can check out and be assured that the future of porn is safe!

3. Eva Elfie

eva elfie

Born on: May 27, 2000

The first time I discovered this gorgeous teen was on Pornhub when one of her videos appeared in the featured section, and I instantly fell in love with her. Just one look at her and you too will feel the same way because she is just perfect as she’s blessed with heavenly good looks. Eva Elfie has a stunning figure with gorgeous curves, she’s got a cute face and she’s hit the jackpot in the breasts department as her all-natural boobs are beyond perfection. She hasn’t done a lot of professional porn shoots, there are only a few of them, but you can check out her Pornhub profile where she regularly uploads her videos and each and every one of them will make you cum hard. So, if you are looking for a young babe who loves having sex and enjoys every bit of it, you definitely need to have a look at this gorgeous Russian pornstar!

4. Gabbie Carter

gabbie carter

If there’s any pornstar who’s become extremely popular in short span of time, then it has to be Gabbie Carter who made her debut this year only and instantly became a darling of the entire porn industry. The gorgeous blonde has got the looks, the perfect body and an appetite for sex that makes her the perfect candidate for all kinds of scenes, and she enjoys sucking, deepthroating and getting fucked by huge dicks. She’s got a curvy figure, huge natural boobs, a tight and round ass and she looks extremely cute and sexy at the same time. Ever since her debut, she’s been climbing her way to the top as she’s already worked with the top studios in the industry and has fucked the best performers; and unlike other pornstars who don’t do anal in the early years of the career, she’s done quite a few anal scenes and even done creampie scenes which makes her one of the best pornstars to watch out for in the coming months.

5. Mackenzie Mace

mackenzie mace

Born on: August 4, 2000

Unlike other pornstars, Mackenzie Mace didn’t just plunge into the porn industry but actually did her research to figure out what she liked and then decided to become a pornstar, and she’s loving every second of it. This cute pornstar made her debut earlier this year and her cute looks has allowed her to perform alongside the best talents in the industry. She’s got a petite figure, which she maintains with yoga, meditation and vegan cooking, and her perky tits and tight, tasty booty are something you just can’t ignore. When it comes to having sex, she loves everything about it – blowjobs, deepthroats, doggystyle, cowgirl, pussy eating – and she wants to keep it going for as long as possible. If you haven’t watched her videos, you gotta check them out because not every newcomers is as enthusiastic and bubbly as she is!

6. Melody Marks

melody marks

Born on: February 1, 2000

Young pornstars are bound to be cute, so it’s no wonder that Melody Marks looks so fucking good. Not only is she one of the cutest pornstars active right now, she’s also quite hardcore if you go by her videos. Ever since her debut last year, she hasn’t done as much porn as some of the other girls on this list but I am sure that will change this year. That, or she may have entered the industry to just see what it felt like to get fucked and get paid for the same and decided that she isn’t cut out for porn. However, I sincerely hope that she continues to do porn because her fans would otherwise be very disappointed. I really want to see that cute face of hers displaying the different signs of pleasure when she’s getting fucked by huge dicks. And since she’s still young, but has a really curvy body with perfect natural breasts, she has the potential to become one of the most popular stars in a short time!

7. Aubree Ice

aubree ice

Born on: January 27, 2000

I am sure that you must have seen Aubree Ice on other articles listing down the pornstars born in 2001, but that’s just misleading. I agree that some of the premium porn sites also list her birth year as 2001, but that’s not the case because she made her debut in 2018 with NetVideoGirls, where she was called ‘Geneva’ and not Aubree Ice, and not in 2019 and no porn studio would hire a girl who wasn’t of legal age. That being said, she’s pretty cute and I would really like to see her feature in more hardcore scenes. She’s already started working with leading studios this year, as she did a creampie scene with Naughty America, so I am hoping to see the petite pornstar in a lot more awesome porn videos this year.

8. Mia Melano

mia melano

Born on: May 2, 2000

Yet another stunning starlet to make her porn debut this year, Mia Melano is just 18 years old and one of the hottest pornstars born in 2000. It may not seem that she’s so young when you watch her videos, even I was shocked to learn about her age; but seeing how natural she is in her scenes, we only hope to see more and more content from in the future. It wouldn’t be wrong for me to say that she can be considered as the hottest pornstar of the year, because one look at her gorgeous face, her stunning body, her all-natural tits and her juicy, round ass and you’d immediately fall in love with her. Currently, she’s done only a few scenes, so there’s not much videos to watch; but you simply need to wait a few months and there will be a ton of videos featuring this busty pornstar for us to enjoy and fap to!

9. Britt James

britt james

Born on: March 23, 2000

It seems to me that there was something really fortunate about the year 2000 because the girls born then are super, fucking hot! Just look at Britt James here, she’s got everything going for her in terms of looks and body and if you’ve watched some of her recent scenes, then you’d have no doubt that this busty pornstar is here to stay and fuck as many guys, and hopefully girls as well, as she can. If you like curvy body, and you prefer watching young pornstars get fucked, then Britt James is the perfect girl for you to get on your watchlist; and she’s been featured in quite a good number of videos ever since her debut so you’ve got some content lined up to watch as well!

10. Melody Parker

melody parker

Born on: April 12, 2000

You know that the girl is wild, really fucking horny and loves big dicks when she makes her debut with an interracial scene, and that too fucking two BBCs, because that’s what Melody Parker did. The blonde teen’s got a petite figure, which has become a staple among young starlets, but she’s got nice perky teens to enhance her overall sex appeal and a gorgeous ass that is capable of generating ripples when she’s getting a good pounding in doggy-style. If you have a look at her current filmography, I’d say this stunner will feature in a lot of hardcore stuff from her on out, probably a lot more of interracial content and even anal and double-penetration scenes.

11. Aria Lee

aria lee

Born on: June 7, 2000

When girls are at a young age, they all are fucking cute; but I wouldn’t even consider your opinion before stating that Aria Lee is one of the best teen pornstars on this list! Just like all the other pornstars born in 2000, there aren’t enough scenes featuring this cute babe because she’s been in the industry for only a few months. But even though, she’s been quite active as she’s done more scenes that most of the girls on this list. So, if you like to watch cute, petite and flat-chested girls get a rough banging, then this girl should be on top of your watch list as there’s going to be some really amazing videos coming out in the upcoming months.

12. Arietta Adams

arietta adams

Born on: March 29, 2000

There’s not a lot of info on Arietta Adams as she’s not been featured in many videos ever since her debut. However, she’s already done interracial porn at the beginning of her career and she’s even said that she’s submissive and likes hair pulling, getting slapped and being dominated in one of her interviews. Going by that, we can assume that she’s planning on doing a lot of hardcore porn. I personally love watching teens getting dominated on camera, and since she’s also into swallowing and is open to creampies as well, she’s in one of the top positions of my future watch list!

13. Natalie Knight

natalie knight

Born on: May 17, 2000

If you are going to do something, you should aim at becoming the best at it and that’s exactly the mantra that Natalie Knight lives by because she wants to become the best in the porn industry, and I, for one, am totally rooting for this gorgeous teenager! Unlike many pornstars who don’t bring anything in the porn scenes, apart from their fake moaning and shouting, Natalie Knight brings a kind of natural performance to her scenes because she loves having sex and her charming personality makes her scenes look more real than a shoot. Moreover, being blessed with a gorgeous face, a petite figure with perky, pierced tits and a tight, round booty means that she can easily grab the attention of men and women and seduce them without making an effort. And if you don’t believe me, you can ask her growing army of fans, or watch one of her porn videos and decide for yourself!

14. Audrey Hempburne

audrey hempburne

Born on: June 22, 2000

Although she hasn’t been as active as the other girls mentioned on this list, there’s no reason why she doesn’t deserve a spot here. Audrey Hempburne, at first glance, looks stunningly cute, but as soon as she drops out of every last piece of her clothing to reveal her petite figure, big perky tits and a tight ass, you’ll want to take her to bed and fuck her senses out. She made her debut only a few months ago and has performed mostly in solo scenes, but there are hardcore scenes as well including creampie scenes. So, keep a watch on her progress as she’s started shooting for the top studios in the industry, which means that we are going to see a ton of porn videos featuring this gorgeous little spinner.

15. Hannah Hawthorne

hannah hawthorne

Born on: August 17, 2000

Hannah Hawthorne is another young blonde starlet who’s one of the hottest pornstars born in 2000! Considering that she crossed the legal age only months ago and has been featured in a number of nude photoshoots, including softcore stuff. However, it seems that she’s slowly getting into the hardcore content as well as she’s been featured in a few scenes paired opposite a male pornstar and she’s going down on her knees to suck his dick before she takes it all up her tight pussy. One thing I have to say is that the young babe looks really stunning when getting fucked and it may be because she’s got a great figure with natural breasts and a cute face.

16. Lena Reif

lena reif

Born on: April 1, 2000

If you ask for my opinion, I think that Lena Reif can be considered as one of the most beautiful pornstars to make their debut in recent months, and you won’t argue with that statement as soon as you have a look at her. This Ukrainian pornstar’s got everything going for her – she’s got a perfect body that’s not too skinny, her all-natural boobs are stunning, she’s got a nice, juicy ass and she gives off a “fuck me” vibe that just makes our blood flow downwards. The blonde stunner began her career with softcore stuff, doing striptease in front of the camera; but thankfully she also made her debut in hardcore porn and she’s so fucking good at it!

17. Megan Marx

megan marx

Born on: June 5, 2000

If you have a soft spot for spoiled brats and love to watch them get ravaged by huge dicks, then you are going to love watching Megan Marx getting fucked because she considers herself a spoiled slut. The brunette spinner is quite active on social media sites where she keeps updating her fans with sexy selfies, but she also quite actively shoots porn because that’s something she absolutely loves to do. She’s got a huge appetite for sex, and loves cock sucking and pussy eating as much as she loves getting her tight pussy stretched, and it shows in all her videos. Although she’s been active in the industry since last year, she has yet to do the more hardcore stuff, like anal sex, but I am pretty sure we are getting there and she will likely get that done as well in the coming months and will become not just the hottest pornstars born in 2000, but also one of the sexiest babes of the year!

18. April Aniston

april aniston

Born on: January 12, 2000

Although April Aniston is one of the pornstars born in 2000, she’s the oldest girl on the list and has had more time to do porn and she’s used it to the fullest. The stunning blonde teen’s got a ton of potential because she’s already been featured in some of the hottest anal scenes of the year, including a lesbian anal scene. If that’s not enough, then she’s even done ass-to-mouth – getting fucked in the asshole with a huge cock and then immediately getting down on the knees to take the dick in her mouth and lick off all her anal juices. If you like watching hardcore porn, featuring the kinkiest pornstars, then you definitely need to watch this young starlet as she’s definitely going to do a lot more anal scenes in the future and we’re only going to enjoy watching them to the fullest!

19. Chanel Grey

chanel grey

Born on: July 13, 2000

We’re going to finish off our list of the hottest pornstars born in 2000 with Chanel Grey, who we think has the potential to stay in the industry for a very, very long time. She hadn’t done a lot of porn scenes when I first published this article; but at the time of updating it, she had appeared in a handful of scenes including more hardcore content. After looking at some of her recent videos, I can say that she’s capable of more than just giving a mean blowjob, as she did in her debut scene. She may be petite but she’s quite tall, compared to other pornstars on this list, and she does know how to ride a dick like a pro!

20. Natalia Queen

natalia queen

Born on: September 2, 2000

She may be on the last position on this list, but don’t even think for even a second that she’s any less compared to the others mentioned above. Natalia Queen has proved that she was born to be a pornstar by giving one awesome scene after another and she has shown that she can take a rough fucking, without being uncomfortable. She looks stunning and has a perfect figure, and she’s also got perky tits which are not too small or too big but perfect considering her body type. However, it her performances that puts her on the map as she loves sucking on huge cocks, and she’s quite skilled at that, and she’s also capable of taking big dicks as she’s already performed interracial scenes as well.

Who Are Your Favorite Pornstars Born in 2000?

So, this was our entire list of the hottest pornstars born in 2000! I hope that you liked the article, and it helped you in finding some young new talents that will satiate your carnal desires. These are not the only girls who made their debut in porn this year, because there are more like Kate Fresh and Molly Haze, however, they’ve only done softcore so far and so we didn’t include them in the list as we focused on keeping the list on girls who featured in mainstream, hardcore porn.

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