Jerkmate Ads (Dec. 2021) – 30+ Best Jerkmate Ads of the Month!

Since you landed on this page, you must be looking for the several Jerkmate ads that are doing the rounds on tube porn tube sites at the moment! I am sure you have seen those ads and wondered which pornstar it features, and where you can watch the entire thing. Well, worry not because this page is created solely for the purpose of listing down the most popular Jerkmate porn ads at the moment!

These ads are pretty simple and minimal in nature as they feature a gorgeous girl with a text that says “command and they will obey” or something similar. When you click on these ads, you go to the page where you can choose certain things and the girl on the page will obey your orders – like you can select the blowjob option and the girl will pull out a dildo and start giving it a blowjob! There are other options too that you can select.

So, if you want to know which are the top Jerkmate ads, and also want to know the sexiest pornstars on Jerkmate that you can command, then this page is for you. So, let’s not waste more time and get started!

Best Jerkmate Ads Right Now (2021)

1. Adriana Chechik

adriana chechik

There’s no girl sluttier than Adriana Chechik in the porn industry right now and it’s very likely that you have already seen her in action in countless videos already, even if you didn’t know her name. She’s perfect and happens to be a fan of hardcore anal; and she brings all her sluttiness and seductiveness on Jerkmate where she obeys your commands and executes them without question!

2. Gabbie Carter

gabbie carter

This particular starlet is probably the most popular babe in the porn industry right now, and she happens to be one of my favorites. She’s perfect as she has a gorgeous figure, a cute and adorable face, a stunning butt and the most glorious pair of natural tits you will ever see! Watching her getting fucked while her perfect breasts bounce all over the place, is a sight that you most definitely want to burn in your memory before you bid adieu to this world!

3. Eva Elfie

eva elfie

Eva Elfie is a Russian starlet who needs no introduction to regular porn watchers because she has been all over the industry recently. Not only is she really good at hardcore porn, she’s equally stunning in softcore and erotic porn, especially when she’s paired with another gorgeous starlet. So, with Jerkmate, you can command her and she will obey your orders!

4. Bridgette B

bridgette b

Teenagers are hot but if you’ve been watching porn for years now, then you’d agree that MILFs are hotter, especially when they are paired with younger talents. And Bridgette B is one of the hottest of the lot and also features in one of the most popular Jerkmate ads doing the rounds on various tube sites. So, click on the link below to take full advantage of this Spanish goddess and her huge titties!

5. Riley Reid

riley reid

There’s no introduction needed here because all of us know who Riley Reid is! This pornstar is the babe that everyone would love to fuck; and not only is she super slutty who can devour cocks as big as her hands, she’s also really bubbly and cheery that enjoys every moment of the hardcore sucking and fucking.

6. Skylar Vox

skylar vox

Skylar Vox is one of the sexiest teenagers in porn right now, and she fuck as good as she looks! Having a curvaceous figure with big natural titties, along with an adorable face, has made her an instant sensation and she’s only getting more popular and much better with each new scene she does!

7. Jamie Jett

jamie jett

Jamie Jett may be new in the industry, but she is someone that you don’t want to ignore! You must have definitely seen Jerkmate ads featuring this gorgeous babe, and if you want to see more of her, all you have to do is click on the link below to go to her page where you can tell her to deepthroat a dildo, spank her ass, play with her pussy or twerk for you, and she will happily oblige.

8. Gina Valentina

gina valentina

If you are a fan of young pornstars, but also want to see them sucking cocks and riding them like their life depended on it, then you must have watched Gina Valentina and her videos! This stunning Brazilian babe is one of the hottest performers and can give the older starlets a run for their money. So, it’s no wonder that her porn ad is listed in this article!

9. Scarlett Mae

scarlett mae

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really seen much of Scarlett Mae’s work, but I did have a look at her Jerkmate page and ended up spending quite a bit of time over there. She’s stunning, she is redhead, she’s seductive and she will immediately grab your attention by her on-screen antics and you will just stare at her while she spreads her legs and uses that large dildo of hers on her clit!

10. Harmony Wonder

harmony wonder

She is most definitely the girl you saw on several Jerkmate ads that ended up bringing you on this page! Harmony Wonder is the kind of cutie that you can’t say no to because she is adorable and those puppy eyes of hers while she begs you to put your cock in her mouth are absolutely irresistible!

11. Lala Ivey

lala ivey

Lala Ivey is one of the few ebony starlets that you can find on Jerkmate, and probably the hottest one out of the lot! The babe has a stunning body with gorgeous boobs and a seductive attitude, and she uses all of these traits to make her fans horny by just watching her play with herself on screen.

12. Jewelz Blu

jewelz blu

Unlike all the other girls on Jerkmate who are just naked on your screen and obeying your commands, Jewelz Blu does things differently as she is into roleplays! You can see her dressed as a dominatrix, a doctor, a housewife, a schoolgirl, a gamer and even as Zelda, and she will do everything you tell her to do. Choose what character you want this German stunner to appear as on your screen and let her use that sweet voice and that perfect figure of hers to take care of your sexual needs!

13. Savannah Sixx

savannah sixx

Savannah Sixx is one of the most gorgeous babes on this list and I am sure you have already seen several Jerkmate ads featuring her on various sites. As she is blessed with an adorable face, a gorgeous body and huge natural titties, it’s always a treat to watch her onscreen, whether in a porn video or a solo video where she plays with herself for the pleasure of whoever is watching!

14. Lulu Chu

lulu chu

Petite body and a cute face is a combination that is really deadly, and something that not many men and women can resist. So having Lulu Chu ready to obey your commands can make you forget what’s important, and you’ll spend countless hours just watching her suck on a dildo, play with her perky titties, spank her ass and just talk dirty to you while you struggle to keep yourself from cumming too soon!

15. Daisy Stone

daisy stone

One look at Daisy Stone is enough to know that she is drop-dead gorgeous, and one look at her porn videos is enough to figure out that she’s super slutty as well! The blonde goddess has been in the industry for quite a few years now and her stunning looks and her godly sex skills has made her a popular name. And she loves showing off her goods which makes her a perfect fit for entertaining her fans on Jerkmate!

16. Lily Labeau

lily labeau

This short hair pornstar looks really cute and adorable, but that’s only up to the point where she gets rid of all her clothes, gets down on her knees and crawls over to a hard cock and starts deepthroating it. More or less the same thing happens on her Jerkmate page, but instead of crawling, she is on the couch and has her trusty dildo in her hands instead of a real cock!

17. Karla Kush

karla kush

Do you love when pornstars dress up as different characters and roleplay them in the most sexual and seductive manner? If yes, then you are going to love watching Karla Kush do her thing! The petite starlet looks stunning, but she looks even better all dressed up and talking dirty which will make you hard and wet and wanting for more!

18. Lexi Anne Garza

lexi anne garza

Not many girls are blessed with cuteness along with a buxom body! There are a lot of petite girls who are cute, but Lexi Anne Garza is different as she’s got an adorably cute face, but her body is beautifully voluptuous and blessed with big natural boobies. And her way of talking is so much better than most girls that you will spend a big chunk of your time watching her play with herself!

19. Adira Allure

adira allure

Watching this bisexual goddess playing with a big dildo and masturbating on the couch just for our pleasure is a real turn-on, especially if you are into cute blonde babes! Adira Allure is a stunning performer who has done a ton of porn scenes since her debut, and on Jerkmate she shows that she’s just as good at making people cum by putting on a stunning show.

20. Emma Hix

emma hix

Emma Hix is a stunning babe from Canada who decided to suck dicks for a living, and has been performing in some of the hottest scenes you could ever fap to! The blondie is really beautiful, she’s got a perfect figure with perky natural titties, and she’s got an appetite for sex that can’t be satiated with limp dicks. She needs huge jackhammers to stretch her holes to their limits in order to achieve orgasms!

21. Gabriela Lopez

gabriela lopez

If big titties, a cute face and a voluptuous figure is your weakness, then Gabriela Lopez is the girl that you should be watching out for! The stunning Latina love to fuck and is always on the lookout for a handsome stud that can worship her perfect body. She also loves showing off her curves to her fans, like she does on her Jerkmate page where she obeys your commands like the little slut she is!

22. Marilyn Sugar

marilyn sugar

I am not sure if you have seen her Jerkmate ads because she doesn’t speak English on her page! Marilyn Sugar is a Czech seductress and she talks in Czech with her fans, so if you don’t know that language, you won’t be able to understand a single word she is saying. But the babe is gorgeous, has a banging body and knows how to show off each of her assets, so you can watch her a little for a change!

23. Jerkmate Couple

jerkmate couple

Unlike most of the Jerkmate ads listed on this page, this particular one doesn’t feature a popular pornstar but an amateur couple, and I have to say that it is a different experience giving orders to them! You can control what this couple can do, tell the girl to suck on her man’s cock or tell the man to lick her pussy, it’s up to you, and they will obey your commands.

24. Jasmine Grey

jasmine grey

Asian starlets are really gorgeous, and if you think otherwise, then you aren’t watching the best kind of porn! All you need to do is take a look at Jasmine Grey to fall in love with her, and once you see her completely naked and all on her fours ready for hardcore pounding, you will want nothing more than get a few minutes of alone time with her.

25. Karla Lane

karla lane

I know this list is packed with slim and petite babes, but that’s not exactly my fault because there aren’t many chubby women on Jerkmate. But there is Karla Lane who happens to be one of the cutest BBW pornstars active at the moment, and having her on your screen, completely naked and playing with her giant titties, and waiting for your commands is just perfect!

26. Kira Noir & Athena Faris

kira noir athena faris

This happens to be one of my favorite Jerkmate ads as it features not one but two gorgeous pornstars who want to play with each other’s bodies but are waiting for your orders! Kira Noir is a stunning ebony babe and Athena Faris happens to be one of the horniest starlets, so having them together on your screen is a total treat for fans like me!

27. Hanna Orio

hanna orio

I haven’t exactly known about Hanna Orio for a long time and came to know about her only while compiling this list of the best Jerkmate ads, but I have to say that I liked what I have seen so far! Hanna is a gorgeous babe, she is easy on the eyes as she has been blessed with a perfect figure, a seductive face and the most glorious pair of big natural boobs I have seen; and she plays with her boobs, her ass and her pussy just to make her fans happy!

28. Maddy May

maddy may

Maddy May is a teenager, a super-slutty and super-seductive teenager, and it’s a treat to watch her sucking on cocks and riding them in a porn video. So when I found out that she’s also on Jerkmate, I had to check her out. Telling this stunner what to do and watching her do it without question is a really erotic experience that left me wanting for more!

29. Sarah Vandella

sarah vandella

This is one of the top Jerkmate ads in my opinion as it features the stunning Sarah Vandella, who also happens to be one of the best MILFs in the industry! This seductress has years of experience and knows just how to arouse guys and girls within seconds, and that’s exactly what she does over here as well. You just won’t have any option but take off your pants and start stroking your cock or rubbing your pussy while Sarah plays with herself!

30. Jade Kush & Avery Black

jade kush avery black

Like I said earlier, Asians babes are really hot but there’s something else better than one Asian; it’s two super hot Asians eager to explore each other’s bodies! Watch this ad where the gorgeous Avery is waiting for your command to pounce on Jade’s perfect titties and suck on them and play with them, while Jade is just waiting for your order to spread apart Avery’s legs and eat out her pussy till it’s dripping wet!

31. Penelope Cross

penelope cross

Do you want to listen to a slutty babe talk dirty in the Spanish language? If yes, then Penelope Cross is just the girl for you because her seductiveness will arouse you within minutes, and she will obey all your orders and do exactly as she is told. So watch her as she plays with her boobies, her ass and her wet pussy just for your viewing pleasure!

Did You Find Your Favorite Jerkmate Ads of 2021?

These were some of the top ads from Jerkmate that are doing the rounds on the popular porn tube sites. However, it is possible that I missed out on the ads that are trending at the moment because they might be released only recently.

The folks behind Jerkmate ropes in the sexiest starlets in the industry to create “Command & Obey” pages, which makes it possible for them to release new Jerkmate porn ads in order to get you to focus on these new performers. So, that might be the reason why you aren’t seeing the ad that you hoped to see here.

But don’t worry as this page will be updated regularly and I will add new Jermate ads as soon as possible, while also featuring the most popular ones!

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