Top 20: The Hottest Short Hair Pornstars of 2021

I am not sure if you are aware of this but there are a ton of short hair pornstars in the industry, and most of them are extremely popular. It’s something that I don’t normally focus on; long hair or short hair, it doesn’t really matter to me personally. But I am going to assume that you are one of the people who focus on the length of hair, and you really like watching pornstars with short hair because that’s the reason why you landed on this page. And I won’t disappoint you because I am going to do my best to show you some of the sexiest starlets who prove that the length of one’s hair isn’t needed to be regarded as sex goddesses!

I have to admit that girls with short hair look really cute, and watching them all naked and getting fucked is a completely different feeling. Even then, I wasn’t keen on writing this article because I wasn’t sure there would be that many girls to cover. I know there are other websites that have featured several short hair pornstars, but this website is a bit different as I mostly feature only those girls who are still active in the porn industry. So, I was quite surprised to find out that there are several short-haired pornstars who are still actively shooting porn. So, let us not waste any more time and allow me to show you all the gorgeous pornstars with short hair!

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Sexiest Short Hair Pornstars of 2021

22. Brooklyn Gray

brooklyn gray

There might not be plenty of hair on this chick, but her assets are all high-grade and the kind to kick fellas into a cumming frenzy for weeks at a time! Dear Miss Brooklyn is one of the youngest starlets and is relatively petite, totally amazing, and more edible than a plate of buttered toast and blueberry jam! She has both tattoos and piercings, 34B all-natural titties, and has the kind of face that makes you want to empty your bank account all to make her happy! Looking at her videos, it’s clear that Brooklyn has a thing for letting the most massive cocks in the business into every hole in her possession!

21. Sidra Sage

sidra sage

This babe always has her hair cropped short like a marine and is perpetually on her knees, sucking on cocks that are bigger than you’ve ever seen! Absolutely slim and nasty, she is one of the top short hair pornstars who absolutely loves extreme sex and lives for when a huge cock or two declares war on her holes and starts tearing her apart a cumming piece at a time! For sure she’s gonna meet a throbbing BBC soon that will get her crying bloody murder!

20. Riley Nixon

riley nixon

Riley Nixon apparently hates hair on her head and is an averagely tall, green-eyed pornstar who was born in Canada. She has the standard pretty face, plus slutty eyes and lips that look like they came into existence to teach your cock a thing or two! This stunner rocks the tight bod of a teen surfer, all-natural 34DD boobies, plus long legs that terminate into a rather fat butt. Riley might look like a schoolteacher, but she happens to be one of those unassuming chicks who turn into nymphos when they see a big cock or a pretty pussy they feel like conquering!

19. Tristan Summers

tristan summers

It won’t be wrong for me to call this babe a total cutie as she’s got a gorgeous face, a beautiful smile and a perfect body worth dying for! Tristan Summers is summer come alive and is a leggy, cheerful 2001-born pornstar who really could make a killing as a model. She has all-natural tits and a bubble butt, plus long legs, and seems rather passionate about sucking the goodness and mercy from all the long, fat, and veined dicks that keep coming her way!

18. Lola Fae

lola fae

Better harden your heart right now, or I fear you will be the newest fella to fall and fall hard for Lola Fae! This babe could be a witch for all I know and you can’t look in her eyes and at her body without your brain misbehaving and your cock getting as twitchy as if it is being flogged with nettles! Lola Fae is a very petite pornstar with a skinny body, long legs, 28A tiny natural tits, and the kind of come-hither look that makes you welcome being her eternal slave! One of the sexiest short hair pornstars on this list, Lola loves extreme sex and there have been so many oak tree cocks in her asshole that the place can now accommodate a bullet train!

17. Leigh Raven

leigh raven

Leigh Raven is a walking canvas and easily one of the most tattooed pornstars ever. This 29-year old is skinny and nasty enough to twerk on your coffin, and there are little limits to what she gets up to. After what she goes through in most of her scenes, I am really surprised that she can still walk upright and a little disappointed that both her cunt and asshole have yet to report her to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, for crimes against every cumming man with a slick dick in his hands!

16. Keely Rose

keely rose

A true rose is this babe and how adorable she looks! Keely Rose is perhaps the cutest XXX stars in the industry at the moment and belongs in the supermodel category for sure. She’s a stunning redheaded pornstar with surprisingly full and all-natural 32E jugs, plus a bubble butt so soft and perfect the mere thought of it perched atop my desk is giving me heart pains! This peachy rose also rocks a fat snatch that can snatch up the longest and fattest cocks and make these pump out gallons of the freshest jism straight into her caverns!

15. Honey Gold

honey gold

Whether you like it or not, better get ready to worship this ebony bombshell! Yeah, get your prayer mat ready and have plenty of Vaseline at hand, because she’s sure to bless you with orgasms uncountable! Honey Gold is a skinny and petite, pretty, and rather bold XXX star, with perfect tits, tiny ass, and abiding love for penises that take the time to beat her cunt to shreds! Hunting black anacondas and stuffing these up her crack is a favorite pastime of hers and who can blame her when these snakes make for such sweet eating!

14. Angel Wicky

angel wicky

Some revere Angel Wicky as goddess made flesh and I am not in a position to criticize them because she’s one hell of a sex kitten! Angel Wicky has enough names to confuse the CIA and is a blonde, blue-eyed, and leggy Czech bombshell who has been in porn longer than you have had your dick in your hand! There’s quite a bust on this babe, and her booty is the kind of soft pillow that make migraines a thing of the past! This angel is very open-minded and is always of assistance whenever you feel the need to milk your pet dragon of its frothy poison!

13. Olive Glass

olive glass

For being one of the top short hair pornstars, there sure is something special about Olive Glass! She’s an oval-faced beauty with short hair, long legs, and all-natural tits, and she looks like she’s undecided if she should sit on your face in front of your parents, or just let you put it in her and pierce through the walls of paradise! Olive is more than averagely tall, hornier than a teenager during a full moon and a well-known chewer of big throbbing cocks! Her kind of mature slut is precisely what’s missing from your life!

12. Skye Blue

skye blue

At 5’8″, Skye Blue is rather tall and rather cute. She’s a 24-year old blonde with a skinny build and a sweet pair of 32E very natural tits which are some of the best looking on this list. The legs on this chick can make a dysfunctional dick get rock hard within seconds and and her pussy is a Medal of Honor winner that gratefully and greedily welcomes woodies so big and long they give us nightmares! If you need the cum in you removed by force, this short-haired pornstar and her moans, plus dick-riding skills are more than up to the task!

11. Misty Stone

misty stone

Being a Penthouse Pet is not something to be sneezed at and neither is being one of the most alluring black pornstars in this or any other list. Misty has the sweetest chocolate skin, a petite build, a tight rear, and gorgeous tits that no surgeon has ever clapped eyes or hands-on! Slim and toned to a T, this ebony goddess has one of those impressive kinds of cunts that only BBCs can properly fill up. While she’s bisexual, some wonderful things we can’t relate without blushing happen when she has big dicks rooting for her in her!

10. Kit Mercer

kit mercer

Did you know Kit Mercer is 35-years old? That scarcely seems possible because all she needs to pass for a woman in her early twenties is a little makeup. And all she needs to get you begging to put just the tip in her is an eye-roll or two! Kit Mercer is a blonde goddess with big fake tits, peerless skin, long legs, and a toned build. She has her a fat booty, has never been known to refuse a fingering and her slit is always sending out an SOS to every big dick in range to fuck her forwards and sideways till her ovaries are all scrambled!

9. Subil Arch

subil arch

Considering just how often she arches that sinfully-pert small butt of hers to allow bone-hard cocks easier entrance to her honeypot, it is only fair that Subil Arch has an arch to her name! Apart from being one of the top short hair pornstars, she’s also a top Russian XXX star with enough nastiness in her to turn orange juice brown! Subil has curves aplenty, a tight body, plus big fake jugs. While bisexual, this temptress is a very enthusiastic cock throttler who bends over so rapidly to be impaled by boners you could think they were filling her holes with prosperity and everlasting life!

8. Dee Williams

dee williams

At 43-years old, Dee Williams is one of the MILF pornstars on this list and she has been active since 2004. She doesn’t look her age in the least and if she gave us the go-ahead we would all kill each other to be the first to reach her and slip a boner in her! Anyway, Dee is a real dear, stands 5’4″, is blue-eyed and the bearer of one of those big beautiful asses that make you lose your home training! An unrepentant bad girl, she has received enough corrective thrashing, pounding, and excavation from big cocks to make us teary with glee!

7. Ryan Keely

ryan keely

Holy Mary and all the saints, is Ryan Keely beautiful or not! This top Latina temptress is a high-caliber goddess and a rather impressive specimen of sweet flesh! Oval-faced and overpoweringly beautiful, leggy, busty, and bootylicious, this BBC rider knows every trick in the book, finds sweet delight in both cocks and cunts alike, and always looks so sweet you feel like walking over and asking her if she could use your cock to massage her gullet for a minute or two!

6. Alina Ali

alina ali

Can you say her name without getting an orgasm? We think not! Alina Ali is one of the new pornstars who’s got a body so hot it makes a summer wildfire look like a backyard barbecue, plus a smile that always melts the hardest hearts into jelly pudding! 22-years old and averagely tall, she rocks 34D very natural tits, plus a lithe body and there’s a puss on her that sure as rain must be the gateway to the halls of heaven itself! Sweet Alina is a cowgirl extraordinaire, plus a cock muncher without peer!

5. Krissy Lynn

krissy lynn

Just take a good look at Krissy Lynn if you think she doesn’t deserve to be one of the top pornstars with short hair! Just how sane will you still be if she started shoving all her assets in your face? Well, that was what some lucky fellas had to endure back when this babe was working as an erotic dancer, before she made the switch to porn and started giving the same treatment to the male performers. Krissy is 36-years old and gorgeous, and there’s no ignoring her big fake tits, or the kind of mile-long boners that have traveled up her snatch and joyously deposited their bags and baggage into this rather accommodating hole!

4. Adriana Chechik

adriana chechik

Adriana Chechik happens to be one of the very best in what she does and everyone including the saints on high recognizes that and pays her the homage due to a goddess with no peer worth a cunt fart! Adriana is a very sexy pornstar who’s slim and always in the mood to remind any cock she comes across that this is her world and she’s the master of everything within reach! This girl loves extreme fun, the most hardcore kind, and that means the boner in your hand gets very good at cumming once she’s involved in nasty business!

3. Anna Bell Peaks

anna bell peaks

If your mountaineering equipment is still lying around, perhaps you could suit up and see if you can surmount the pair of big fake tits on this short-haired pornstar! Anna Bell Peaks is heavily tattooed and pierced, averagely tall and a total stunner. She also has a pressurized faucet deep in her snatch, which is why she can squirt like she’s shooting dragonflies out of the air! Anna Bell Peaks is quite pretty, and can have multiple boners in her without screaming for the cops!

2. Ivy Lebelle

ivy lebelle

Few women at 33 look as awesome and fearfully dick-engorging as Ivy Lebelle! This avowed lover of monster cocks and a stunning pornstar is perfect for the seduction of every living thing and happens to be decorated with both tattoos and piercings, plus big fake tits you couldn’t stuff into a closet if you tried! The biggest and softest bubble butt on this list is hers and hers alone and no sweeter joy can be seen than when a dick of proper length is giving her cunt a thousand and one reasons to get all creamy!

1. LaSirena69


Better not allow LaSirena69 to open her mouth near you, or else you will fall hard for the wiles of this siren and spend the rest of your life buying Vaseline and tissues by the truckload! LaSirena69 is from Venezuela and is a big-titted, big booty-blessed, and big cock craving pornstar. Pity us as we pray she gives our cocks the kiss of life in the 69 position in this week’s edition of our wet-dreams! LaSirena69 is among the most breathtaking pornstars and this of course means that seeing her get drilled by one-eyed snaky monsters is always a thing of special joy!

Who Are Your Favorite Short Hair Pornstars?

So these were some of the sexiest starlets in the industry who rock short hair and look absolutely stunning! Now I am sure I missed out on a couple of names, and I have deliberately not mentioned pornstars like Belladonna or Bella Bellz because they are no longer active in the industry.

But if you think that I missed out on some really hot pornstars with short hair that are still very much active and shooting porn, then do let me know. And if you liked the list and discovered new starlets, then make sure to spread the word by sharing the list!

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