Top 20: The Hottest Native American Pornstars of 2020

If you’ve been visiting this website for a long time then you would know that I regularly feature the hottest starlets of different ethnicities, and today we are going to have a look at the best Native American pornstars! This list was a long time coming as I have been publishing articles featuring starlets of different nationalities, like German pornstars for example. So, this article was the next in line to cover and I am going to keep this up and feature pornstars of different ethnicities and nationalities in the coming weeks as well!

Coming back to our topic at hand, let’s focus on the Native American pornstars! Before you start going through the list, you should know that there aren’t many full-blooded Native Americans in the industry. Most of the girls that are currently active are likely descendants and share a gene or two with the Indian Americans in their family tree. This means that the girls you will find in the below list are only part Native American! Also, I have tried to include only those pornstars who are active, or have been recently active and avoided the ones who haven’t done a new scene in years!

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Best Native American Pornstars of 2020

22. Mercedes Carrera

mercedes carrera

Mercedes Carrera simply loves to fuck! This MILF was born for the most hardcore plowing any penis can devise and is an overwhelmingly nasty, skilled, and versatile slut who does everything like she invented and will patent it soon! Mercedes is tall, leggy, and rocks a great pair of fake tits you could roll down the bowling alley! Once this chick is oiled up and ready, any dick can take her for a ride that will end with it being lock-jammed deep in her holes, spurting fire and desperately trying not to be snapped in half by the pussy/ass muscles of this renowned cock mistress!

21. Jada Stevens

jada stevens

Jada Stevens could tell you she models for a living and nothing on this green earth would make you question her. She’s a petite, slim, and beautiful American chick with tats and piercings, plus a faultless oval face and the kind of smile that just makes you want to empty your bank account and buy her the world! Jada is 32-years old and has been getting reamed by¬†super-hard cocks way before mankind first went to the moon! Her fat bubble butt is one of a kind and the way penises get off on rampaging through it deserves to be made a course of study in an American university!

20. Julie Kay

julie kay

Well, this is the first ebony pornstar in this top Native American pornstars listing and what a sight for sore eyes, aching penises, and twitchy balls she is! Julie Kay looks amazing from every aspect and rocks one of the sweetest pairs of 36DD jugs that ever dangled from a female chest! She began her career in 2014 and is known for pulling the longest cocks on the range deep into her pussy and so thoroughly cooking these with her cunt juice they seldom emerge in the same shape they went in! Beautiful and a sweet moaner to boot, this lass just makes you grateful that you have enough tissue and lube on hand to last you the rest of the year!

19. Amber Alena

amber alena

Amber Alena is moderately tall, quite pretty, and in proud possession of 36J surgically-enhanced massive titties that you could paint green and pass off as watermelons at the local grocery shop! She’s blonde, blue-eyed, and big assed and not about to take any disrespect from any penis, no matter how hard it might be and what the owner intends to do with it! Watch her ride on a D, happy as a clam, and show your cock the kind of sweet lay it should aspire to now and forevermore!

18. Cytherea


No one is ever going to convince me that Cytherea is not a freak of nature and doesn’t have a fountain in place of a peehole! Boy, this Native American pornstar sure can squirt and has been squirting sweet juices so hard, fast, and excellently that it has won her a bookshelf full of awards! Cytherea is 5’3″ and 38-years old, slim, and up for just about every sexual adventure in the book! Want to see some cumming rain? Then watch her videos and wear some foul weather gear while you are at it!

17. Audrey Noir

audrey noir

Sure her name sounds French, but Audrey Noir is as American as apple pie and always eager to prove this by getting impaled on cocks so long and thick the thought of being anywhere near them frightens the shit out of me! Yes, Audrey is in love with massive boners and occasionally will have one of these drill her asshole, while the other gets busy mashing her cervix to pudding! Slim, versatile, nasty, and fearless, this busty slut does all she can to bring tears of appreciation to your eyes and thick cum juice frothing on the end of your cock!

16. Jaye Summers

jaye summers

25-years old and otherworldly pretty, Jaye Summers sure does look like the sweetest daydream you ever had! She’s all slim, has the kind of smile that makes you imagine what her pussy juice would taste like if you ladled it on bread, and is decorated with some piercings, tattoos, and a firm pair of all-natural 32B boobies. This lass is bisexual and just likes being naked, which is rather enjoyable because she has a top-class body and a pussy that penises, tongues, and fingers are always finding reasons to dive into and emerge all wet and shiny!

15. Violet Monroe

violet monroe

Redhead pornstars are a ton of trouble and Violet Monroe is certainly trying her able best to live up to that reputation! She has no limits that anyone can discern and has performed in just about every category you care to name. Violet is just the slightest bit plump, but has the kind of fat ass you always want a lap dance from! She does orgies with evident relish, taking multiple cocks at a time in her bottomless holes and looking forward to each pelvic thrusts that come her way! Anal, extreme XXX, and BDSM scenes are where her talent shines forth in all its glory and her ton of awards testify to her rad expertise in cumming matters!

14. Marley Brinx

marley brinx

I could sit here all day and write an ode to Marley Brinx that could fill several volumes and win me the Nobel prize for literature! Marley Brinx is one goddess you can never tire of gazing and lusting after with every fiber of your being. The brunette pornstar is 26-years old, oval faced, slim and long-limbed, rocking the pertest set of 32B knockers in the American porn industry, plus the tiniest and most perfect bubble butt that ever grew on earth! This girl looks positively angelic, which means you get quite a shock when you see her participating in gang bangs and getting speared in the ass by black cocks so big you could hew a fair-sized boat out of them; which is more than enough reasons to consider her as one of the best Native American pornstars!

13. Heather Vahn

heather vahn

If there ever was an ultimate MILF fuck machine, I am pretty sure everything points to Heather Vahn being the one! She is a fashionably slim, totally stunning and relatively petite Latina starlet, with too many curves for anyone to look at her without thinking about sticking their heads up her backside, plus a set of fake tits that I would give anything in the world to shadow box with! While she has a large appetite for the D, Heather will occasionally lick a pussy to ensure she’s not missing out on anything worthwhile!

12. Dahlia Sky

dahlia sky

Dahlia Sky is also known as Bailey Blue, which is one of her many aliases. She’s a blonde babe and blue-eyed beauty from California who swings both ways, though lengthy boners are her preferred meal! Dahlia is lightly tattooed and pierced and has the kind of bad girl aura that is impossible for any cock to resist deeply investigating! The sky is the limit with this girl, cos she fucks like she might never again see a dick in her life!

11. Sovereign Syre

sovereign syre

Plenty of penises have tried to claim sovereignty of Sovereign Syre’s pussy, but none have managed to conquer and hold on to it for long before dissolving into a pile of jelly! Miss Sovereign sure does bring a lot to the table and is an auburn-haired MILF with a toned but meaty body, who regularly has cocks rooting for her and in her for all they are worth! Sovereign Syre is among the tallest XXX stars on this list, and has the range to play a wide variety of roles so well that viewers have the most outsized cumming explosions ever!

10. Arya Fae

arya fae

Babes don’t get any hotter than Arya Fae or they might explode and shower us all with hot pieces of their flesh! Arya is one of those petite starlets and super-sexy seductresses that seem to have a nuclear reactor in their coochie! Dive into her main hole and the fire there could scald you silly! She’s 25-years old, 5’3″ and rocks a jangly pair of 32B tits that look like they just came off a teen cheerleader! Take a peep at any porn site and you will find her tiny booty bouncing around on cocks that are way taller than her, not that she ever complains!

9. Nia Nacci

nia nacci

No way you can be an avid wanker and have never heard of Nia Nacci, who is without a doubt one of the best Native American pornstars right now! If you really haven’t heard of her, better cover your head in shame and pack all your lube and tissue because I am coming to collect it all! Sweet Nia is the dream girl for most guys and is all sweet and tight pertness. Barely legal, super sexy, slim and curvy, this ebony sweetie has a smile that could persuade you to end the world, a bubble butt so sweet you pee sugar cubes after looking at it and all-natural 32DD jugs that make you forget who you are! Disregard her angelic face, because this babe is as nasty as the worst of them and one of the most avid big cock consumers of her generation!

8. Krissy Lynn

krissy lynn

Active since 2008, Krissy Lynn deserves some accolades for putting in work of the kind that dissolves your brain and sends it fleeing out of the end of your boner! She’s a brassy blonde with fake tits, a fat cunt, and the kind of booty I could lift up to the skies and praise all day! As one of the best American pornstars, this MILF has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, lending them her cunt and skills when needed and helping create the kind of content only the brave can look at without suffering the kind of orgasms that could leave them hospitalized for weeks!

7. Dillion Harper

dillion harper

Hope you know that looking at Dillion Harper without bowing down and freeing your cock from your shorts lest it strangles itself with excitement is a crime on three continents! Dillion Harper is the goddess of goddesses, the supermodel of supermodels, and the beauty of beauties. Selfish she certainly isn’t and freely lets us see her birthday suit and entertains us all too by sucking on and riding every hard cock and wet cunt that opens up to her! Dillion is fresh-faced cutie, slim, and boasts the sort of soft booty you could bite mouthfuls out of! Better go see what damage oversized cocks can do to her pussy if you haven’t already!

6. Evelin Stone

evelin stone

At 26-years old, Evelin Stone is in the prime of life and so confident about the future that she lets all the male pornstars with most massive boners disembowel her! This beautiful star has some of the lushest brown hair I have ever seen outside a saloon, one of those small but perky behinds that stick up in the air and 32C jugs so pert that gravity has given up and taken them to court! Tattooed, bisexual, and fully edible, Evelin Stone is just what the gods intend for you to lose your mind over and make your destiny cum to fruition!

5. Rachel Starr

rachel starr

Is it even legal to talk about the top native American pornstars without mentioning Rachel Starrr? I don’t think so! Rachel happens to be a 35-year old MILF with legs that measure a mile or so, gorgeous fake tits with pierced nipples, and a medium-sized bubble butt that should be waxed and preserved for those who will come before us to marvel at and shake their cocks on! The penis is her biggest love and her only ex! So, always expect to find a throbbing slice of man meat in the wet mouth or pussy of this horny female!

4. India Summer

india summer

Rumor has it that all the MILFs in the world look up to and take their cues from India Summer. I wouldn’t have believed that, till I had a good look at her pics and saw how hard she can suck on monster cocks with her throat muscles and get them pulsing, before sliding these chastened rods into where they belong – her snatch! India Summer is a leggy, pretty and cheery 45-year old MILF pornstar who considers it her mission on earth to latch on and suck cunts and cocks, before letting the latter plow her if she’s feeling up for it!

3. Katrina Jade

katrina jade

Jade stones can be otherworldly beautiful, as is Katrina Jade. At 5’2″ there’s not much of her, but she happens to be one of the curviest and nastiest on this list and that is saying something indeed. Katrina has both tattoos and¬†piercings, rocks huge jugs that are as beautiful as the morning sun, and is the owner of what must be the most rad bubble butt anywhere in the North American continent! She is an anal loving pornstar who has also done DP, bukakke, trans sex, BDSM, bondage, fetishes, and more, which means she has such slender limits you shouldn’t be surprised to see her seated on the face of the bishop during Sunday service!

2. Alexis Fawx

alexis fawx

Money must be made and bills must be paid, else there’s no way beauties like Alexis Fawx would ever agree to get all nude and all nasty for your amusement! Alexis is the MILF to beat them all and with her tight body, angelic face, blond locks, and surgically-enhanced jugs she always gets what she wants. Should she fix her gaze on you, just pen down your will and give your boner one last pat, because the only way you will ever get it back is if you manage to screw this slut till her cunt collapses and quits on her!

1. Gianna Dior

gianna dior

Penthouse sure does love Gianna Dior, making her their pet of the month in September 2018 and pet of the year for 2019. With such love coming her way, you can bet every dollar in your wallet that Gianna Dior is the exact ingredient your cock needs to fuel it up and take it and you to your personal palace on cloud nine! Gianna is one of the sexiest pornstars at the moment and is a beauty with legs that never end, a slim and mesmerizingly curvy body, plus 32D tits that look good enough to feed kings with! Gianna is bi and loves hard cocks in both her asshole and pussy and has given us the hottest scenes with some of the best talents in the business!

Who Are Your Favorite Native American Pornstars?

So these were some of the sexiest pornstars of Native American descent! I hope that you liked the article, and if you have some suggestions that you’d like to share, like a name of a pornstar I missed, then please use the comments section below to share your views.

Meanwhile, if you did like the article and found a gorgeous babe from this Native American pornstars listing, then make sure to share it with your friends!

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